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Lee Anniversary Kit vs Hornady Lock and Load

This is a discussion on Lee Anniversary Kit vs Hornady Lock and Load within the Reloading forums, part of the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics category; I vote for the Lee, not because it is a better setup, but it is a better value. If you wanna trade up later, I've ...

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Thread: Lee Anniversary Kit vs Hornady Lock and Load

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    I vote for the Lee, not because it is a better setup, but it is a better value. If you wanna trade up later, I've sold old used Lee stuff on Ebay for around 65% of new price--doesn't make much sense, but that's what it brings.

    Save your money, add a little to it, and you can get another firearm.

    I too highly recommend Lee's Modern Reloading Second Edition, it will teach you more than you can imagine about reloading.

    You will have a very nice kit.

    I'm pretty loyal to Lee Precision. When I was starting out, keeping the kids fed and clothed was a challenge. Buying a $400 gun was a BIG deal. Buying ammo to feed it was out of the question. I saved up change (litterally, dimes, quarters, nickels) until I could buy an Anniversary set and 45 ACP dies. Because Lee's stuff was priced so reasonably, I could shoot. Now, although I've been blessed and could buy any color or brand I wanted these days, I see no reason to change.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zeppelin03 View Post
    The lee kit is what I got on my workbench, and it has been a perfect starter kit. I was able to get everything I needed while still affording a few extras. I ended up adding a tumbler, media, and calipers. I also got the lee manual.

    I bought a cheap digital scale and its a waste of money. Doesn't hold a zero. Varies .6 grain sitting still on my table. I have since gone and learned to use the beam scale in the kit. While not perfect it is definitely better than the digital.

    Go cheap. You will probably want to change things out once you see what works for you. Then you have $200 to put towards anything else.
    The lee kit is a great starter kit,stay away from the cheap digital scales I was getting enough deviation that I couldn't trust them especially loading a high pressure round like 40 S&W,the Lee scales work pretty good and are pretty fast.after you get the basics down save up for a dillon 550 or 650,I have a 550 w/casefeeder the 550 allows you to manually advance the shell plate,the 650 automatically advances it.I can crank out a bullet with every pull of the handle,somewhere around 400 per hour while listening to music.If you get really serious and can swing the cost,8# of pistol powder is around $96.00 or $12.00 pound,Primers can be had as cheap as around $19.00 1000,there is a 25.00 haz-mat fee so you figure the weight to get maximum weight in powder and primers for one hazmat fee + shipping,so primers are about $20.00 1000,and powder is about $14.00 pound,It's definitely cheaper than paying around 20-22.00 pound for powder locally,and around 30.00 + for 1000 primers.
    In all seriousness I cast my own bullets and have plenty of free brass so when I reload 100 rounds of most pistol ammo it only runs me about $5.00,44 magnum runs me around $6.00 100 for 240 grain lead semi wadcutter due to more powder
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    Duke, what kind of primers are you buying at $20 , I pay about 30 no matter where I go , and as high as 34 per K.
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