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.223/5.56 dual purpose loads; coyotes and HD

This is a discussion on .223/5.56 dual purpose loads; coyotes and HD within the Reloading forums, part of the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics category; Your best accuracy for the 1-12 bolt gun will be with 55 gr and lighter. The 1-7 AR can handle practically all .22 bullet weights, ...

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Thread: .223/5.56 dual purpose loads; coyotes and HD

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    Your best accuracy for the 1-12 bolt gun will be with 55 gr and lighter. The 1-7 AR can handle practically all .22 bullet weights, but your best loads will prolly be with 60-80 gr bullets. Unless you really trying to stretch the barrel on you AR to 600 yards, a 1-9 twist barrel would have served you better IMO.
    My AR has a 1-13 Kreiger and it'll shoot 55 and under, but it's lights out with a 40 ballistic tip over 27 gr h335. 3700 fps, and 1-1.5 " groups @ 200 yards. It's deadly on prairie dogs out to 300 yards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zacii View Post
    My Savage .223 bolt action really likes the 55 grain Nosler Ballistic tips. I can get sub-MOA groups using Benchmark powder.

    Previously, I've used these handloads from a couple of buddies, but now I'm getting set up to build my own. I just recently got an AR, so I haven't had a chance to see how they'll work. But, I'm sure that I can make them work well enough for defensive purposes; that is, accuracy wise.

    My quandary is thus: how well will the fragile Ballistic tip work at HD ranges against bi-ped intruders?

    On one hand, I'm thinking that they would work very well to avoid over-penetration and pass-throughs. But I'm also concerned that they may, at short distances, be near 3000 fps and fragment without necessary penetration.

    If the experienced community here thinks that these loads would be insufficient, then perhaps you could point me in another direction. I would like something that would work for both situations.

    My bolt gun has a 1-12 twist rate, and I believe will handle up to ~60 grains. The AR has 1-7, by my research leads me to believe that it can handle 50 grains and heavier.
    I've been reloading for years. I reload a bunch of handgun and rifle cartridges. I have a progressive press that would turn out 250 to 300 rounds of .223 per hour, and a nice single stage press I use for up to 7MAG.

    Even with that equipment, and experience, for HD in an AR I'd buy factory ammo. Pick one. Any of the defensive factory offerings are fine. They are all better than the best pistol ammo. Factory ammo is best for reliability. Reliability is everything in HD. There is no difference in accuracy you can achieve with handloading that matters at HD distances. You don't even have to rezero the rifle for HD distances (max is what, 50 feet for goodnes sakes?). Buy three 20 round boxes. Shoot 1 to make sure they work in your AR, the remaining rounds go in the magazine. It should be a life time supply. With any luck at all you will leave all the defense rounds to your next of kin never having had to use them. Setting up to reload defensive ammo is a complete waste of time.

    For hunting or target practice, shoot what ever works well in your rifles. The best load will not be the same load in both the bolt and the AR other than by coincidence. For hunting pick the bullet to match the game and develop an accurate load for the bullet. For target practice, pick a bullet suitable for the maximum range to target you need and develop an accurate load for that.

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