Lee Bulge Buster

Lee Bulge Buster

This is a discussion on Lee Bulge Buster within the Reloading forums, part of the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics category; Anyone using this die? It installs in the Lee factory crimp die. I already have the crimp die. Should I buy another just to use ...

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Thread: Lee Bulge Buster

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    Lee Bulge Buster

    Anyone using this die? It installs in the Lee factory crimp die. I already have the crimp die. Should I buy another just to use with the Bulge Buster? Also I assume you still need to re-size before using the bulge buster? Correct?

    Lee Bulge Buster - YouTube
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    The bulge buster is a waste of money! It's a marketing solution in search of a problem. If your sizing die is properly adjusted, it will resize any so-called bulge in a case just fine - and this includes Lee's dies. I have several sets and all resize my pistol ammo to the correct size without any further "assistance".
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    My 30+ year old RCBS .45 ACP carbide die must be a "bulge buster" as its been producing sized cases well within "spec" for me since about 1979.

    This sounds hokey to me.
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    If I'm reloading brass that has been shot out of one of my pistols, I'll usually just reload it, but, if I'm using range brass, in .45, or .40, I usually push it through a Lee factory Crimp die, to make the brass straight, and it will also find boogers on the sides of the headstamp.

    That is all I'll use a Lee Factory crimp die for. If you use a factory crimp die, with old, well-used brass, the brass won't be soft, and will have a tendency to spring back, but, it has already mushed the soft bullet undersized, giving you a really good chance of getting setback, which causes Kabooms.

    A straight piece of brass stacks better in a magazine, reducing feeding issues. If you are just putzing at the range-no worries, but, if you are competing, or defending your life, you want every advantage you can get.

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