.357 mag primers

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Thread: .357 mag primers

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    .357 mag primers

    My Lee manual calls for a "small pistol primer". Should this not be a small magnum pistol primer???
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    Depends on the powder. For slower burning you will want the hotter primer. For Unique and others like it such as Universal Clays or Bullseye, the regular primers work fine.
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    mag primers

    lee worked up those loads using regular primers. Using mag primers could increase pressures to dangerous levels depending on powder and how how much is being used. Stay with the recommended loads they have tested and you will be safe. I load for 357 and 38 special and have never used mag primers. Although for hunting loads for 44 mag, my manual does call for mag primers for the load I use. Take, keep safe and have fun.

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    Older manuals usually recommended mag primers when using slower burning 296 and 2400. You certainly can get by just using SPP for any 357 load.
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    i use unique and regular small pistol primes with no problems here

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    Use what they specify in the book. I have the Speer #13 and the recipe they use for 125 grain with 2400 powder specifies a non magnum primer. On the same table they have four loads that specify a magnum primer. Mixing and matching can get expensive and painful.
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    I was thinking that all the slower burning powders appropriate for .357 Magnum called for magnum powders, the exception being 2400 which can get by with standard primers. H110, W296, AL8, IMR 4227 all do well with magnum primers.

    I love H110 but it's hard to beat 2400 for the very topmost velocities within sane pressures in .357 Magnum. This would be using 158 grain bullets.

    I never load the .357 Magnum with lighter weight bullets.
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    Use the same type primers that the load calls for in the manual. The charges listed in the manual were worked up carefully using particular components. Changing any one of those items makes the pressures shown in the manual meaningless.


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    I use Federal standard small RIFLE primers in my mag loads such as heavy charges of Blue Dot and the like with standard small pistol for target loads.
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