Lee Load-Master

Lee Load-Master

This is a discussion on Lee Load-Master within the Reloading forums, part of the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics category; Who here actually owns this unit, what do you think? From watching the video on ultimateloader.com the lee load-master appears that it would suit me, ...

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Thread: Lee Load-Master

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    Lee Load-Master

    Who here actually owns this unit, what do you think?

    From watching the video on ultimateloader.com the lee load-master appears that it would suit me, I had a single stage lee press and everyone with big bucks keeps wanting me to get a dillion 550 or 650 and after buying a dillion i'll have spend $400 bucks on just the 550 and haven't even bought dies or any of the other goodies i'll need.

    I don't mind fussing a little with the lee, I do think from looking at it though the primer setup looks flimsy, but that part is super cheap.

    I'm really thinking I might buy one.

    Then as funding allows, I could either add another press or buy addional dies....and progressive press takes time to setup, so owning another one would be a bonus.


    $220 for pistol and 205 for rifle, I know you get what you pay for...sometimes

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    Dillion makes a quality product and like any reloader it is an investment that will pay for its self. Do your friends want you to buy the dillion so they can come over and use it?

    Just wondering, had a friend who was reloading for his AR on a single stage, he quickly figured what took hours to reload took seconds to expend.

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    The lee priming system sux,their hand primer works great,After numerous primers that were inserted either sideways or upside down I got rid of my pro 1000,and bought a Dillon 550,I haven't regretted it since.
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    The weak point is the priming system. I no longer prime in the loadmaster. Thats ok tho because i like to clean the primer pockets and then i hand prime the cases. The rest of the press works awesome tho.

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    I had a loadmaster.
    Yup, their priming system SUCKS. After I lit off a full try of primers, I called Lee, and they SOLD me the optional blast shield.
    I spent more time screwing around with that press, than actually making ammo.
    I went to a Dillon 550B, and certainlt don't miss the Lee!

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    Spend the $$ and buy once or go cheap and buy twice, just sayin
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