Reloading practice ammo for the AMT 'Backup' .45

Reloading practice ammo for the AMT 'Backup' .45

This is a discussion on Reloading practice ammo for the AMT 'Backup' .45 within the Reloading forums, part of the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics category; Has anyone done any reloading for the AMT 'Backup' .45? Specifically, any luck with the lightest of the Lee "tumble lube" bullets?...

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Thread: Reloading practice ammo for the AMT 'Backup' .45

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    Reloading practice ammo for the AMT 'Backup' .45

    Has anyone done any reloading for the AMT 'Backup' .45?

    Specifically, any luck with the lightest of the Lee "tumble lube" bullets?

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    Hi GladesGuru;

    Welcome to the Forum.

    Sounds like an interesting part of the world in which to live.

    I don't have any experience handloading for, or even shooting the .45 AMT Backup. I do have .45 ACP handloading experience extending back into the 1970s so have several great favorite handloads for use in full-sized 1911 guns and .45 ACP revolvers. If I acquired an AMT Backup .45 I'd probably be feeding it a cast lead 230 grain round nose bullet backed by enough Bulls-Eye, 213, or Unique powder to give 775-825 fps over the chronograph screens, given the short barrel length. This would roughly duplicate factory ballistics and recoil. A light-bullet handload using a 185-200 grain bullet might be fun for experimentation. My initial impression is that the gun would possibly give function issues with the lightweight bullets but it might surprise me.

    My brother-in-law is a big fan of the tumble-lube bullets. I've only loaded small amounts he's given me to sample. I've only used .38 158 grain lead SWCs and some .380 ACP lead round nose. Neither gave leading problems when fired at velocities that about duplicate factory loads. Accuracy is decent and useful.
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    Well I load for my 3" Kimbers. I load hand cast 160gr. (Lee) bullets with 4.5 grs of Bullseye. I have not run them on a chrono and they are pretty mild. The short bullet feeds like a dream and I have NEVER had one fail to feed. I have one word for the tumble lube "sparing" a little goes a really long way! These are no SD rounds but practice rounds. I love to shoot them.
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    My practice ammo for any firearm is a duplication of the 'duty' round I intend to carry.

    Have you selected a duty load for this firearm yet?
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    The 45 acp round I normally load is a 200 grain LRN in front of 4.0 grns American Select,or 5.0 grains Unique.In the past before I got my Lubrisizer I tumble lubed Lee 230 grn cast bullets and had no issues with cycling in a 3.5" 1911
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