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Do you Reload 357Sig???

This is a discussion on Do you Reload 357Sig??? within the Reloading forums, part of the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics category; Thanks a bunch. More good intel! I was planning on using the AA#9 since I have it on hand. Also just picked up a deal ...

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Thread: Do you Reload 357Sig???

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    Thanks a bunch. More good intel!

    I was planning on using the AA#9 since I have it on hand. Also just picked up a deal on a bottle of Unique, so got that base covered as well.

    Been doing more searching on the projectile and did find that the 124gr Rainier is rated up to 1500fps. Just throwin' that out there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tubby45 View Post
    Don't get scared by the others. You have to understand two things:

    The cartridge headspaces on the shoulder.
    Bullet tension is critical to preventing bullet setback. This is achieved with proper sizing, not crimping.

    Whatever you are using for an expander die, the proper diameter of it should be .354". That .001" will hold any bullet secure enough to mitigate the chance for bullet setback in practical use of that ammunition in a firearm.

    The 357 SIG was designed to duplicate the 125gr .357 Magnum load. It does that very well, which is a good thing. Stick with bullets designed for the 357 SIG. Plated, in my experience, are not one for the 357 SIG. Use jacketed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by onacoma View Post
    Only problem with this is if you do get a deeper setback you surcharge the case pressure which can lead to a KABoom.
    If you use a ball powder, like Accurate #7 or #9, they can't be compressed.
    Quote Originally Posted by gigamortis View Post
    The whole point about using a bulkier, slower burning powder is to be able to fill the case all the way to the base of the bullet when it is seated. The slower burning powder doesn't produce a high pressure rise to start with, and the bulk of the powder filling the case up to the base of the bullet physically reduces the chance of setback.
    That is correct. Neck tension is paramount, but a filled case of powder is a common "backup".

    Quote Originally Posted by onacoma View Post
    Giga, I'm not against the concept of using slow burning powder in the 357 Sig., just stating that if you get any bullet setback you're now over compressing the powder charge.
    Some powders don't compress.

    there are alot to learn with this round versus a 9mm straight case.
    The 9mm is tapered case, not a straight case.
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    Quote Originally Posted by oneshot View Post
    ^^Listen to this guy^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    Just do it.
    Of reloading , he knows,
    Yep even tho I been reloading for several years and shoot thousands of reloads if I have a question Tubby would be one guy I would trust for load data
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    I load a lot of sig & as with any rd case prep is the start & will you be using brass on nickel. I like using Power Pistol & Bullseye with WW & CCI primers. As far as heads I've loaded 90gr & 115gr XTP but favor 125gr GDHP. I don't like plated heads because they will cut when seated if you are not carefull they are very thin & it's worse on nickel. Another thing to look out for is when seating you can bump the shoulder & flar it & it want chamber.
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    good read...i typically dont buy anything that isnt 45acp or 9mm for semi autos because I have a stockpile of ammo and supplies to load much more for those calibers. Same for 357mag and 44 mag revolvers, and 300 win mag, 30-06 and 22-250 rifles. However, the 357 sig round intrigues me for some reason, and cdnn has m&p 357 sigs for $399, so i've really been considering picking one up.

    Does the 357sig have brass life comparable to other pistol cartridges? I'm assuming it does, but would of course value the opinions of folks that have worked with the cartridge.

    Thanks for the input

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    Rainier 124 Grain FP; Unique 6.8 Grains; OAL 1.135 Inches; small pistol primer. Working for me and getting a lot of reloads with cases. I use a 40 S&W carbide resizer for first stroke and then you do not have to lube the cases. Semper Fi!
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    Montana Gold sells a .357SIG jacketed bullet in bulk. They are specifically designed for this caliber and they work perfectly. They are the only bullet I use to reload. Check out Montana Gold's web site for pricing.

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