Dillon 650 worth the price?

Dillon 650 worth the price?

This is a discussion on Dillon 650 worth the price? within the Reloading forums, part of the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics category; I have a Lee LM, its kinda meehh...I have been loading 223, 45, 40, 9mm, 38spcl, I originally wanted a dillon but quickly cheaped out. ...

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Thread: Dillon 650 worth the price?

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    Dillon 650 worth the price?

    I have a Lee LM, its kinda meehh...I have been loading 223, 45, 40, 9mm, 38spcl, I originally wanted a dillon but quickly cheaped out.

    I have been given the oppertunity to buy a barely used dillon 650 setup to load 45, 223, it comes with case feeder system, stand, powder check system, two powder drops, two scales (D-Terminator Electronic Scale, Dillon's 'Eliminator' Scale) just piles of stuff still in the package (all dillon) things that I couldn't name, the older fella claimed he paid about 1800 for everything and wants $1100 for it.

    Now before I grease myself anyone think this is a decent deal?

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    have you check the prices for a new one at the dillon site? also before you buy it i would load/run some rounds to check the indexing. i got two 550 and they do all i need.
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    If anything isn't right Dillion will make it right! its just part of their No BS guarantee! As for worth the money any Dillion is. Ive loaded thousands of rounds on my Lee progressive, but when my son wanted to shoot competitively I couldn't keep up. So I found a used Dilion RL550B. After getting it set up all I had to do was feed the components and keep pulling the handle. In two years I made over 20,000 reloads. When you are making large amounts of one single load the Dillion is unbeatable. I did not like resetting it for other loads and calibers, as it is not easy. So I still have Lee single stage, and progressives. The son has now moved away and the dillion went with him, But I still use it when I load 9mm. DR

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    Check the press out at Dillon Precision: Reloaders, Reloading Equipment, Bullet Reloading, Bullet Reloaders. The fully equipped XL650 goes for $1,126, but I didn't look to see how fully it was equipped.

    If it has everything you posted, it is probably a good deal, because like dangerranger said, if anything is wrong with it, Dillon will fix it, or send you the parts at no charge. I have had my Dillon for about 20+ years and they have replaced every part I have managed to break.

    good luck.
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    Yes, the Dillon is worth the money provided you intend to load a lot. I would call the deal you are getting "fair". You might look on Craigslist for a used Dillon 550. It is almost as good as the around half the price. Dillon has an absolute guarantee that they honor no matter what-- part of the reason for the premium price.

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    I did not like resetting it for other loads and calibers, as it is not easy.
    I have a 550 and I can change it out to another caliber in 5 minutes or less,I have Die holders for 9,380,40,38/357,45,and 223.
    I started with a Lee Pro 1000,you get what you pay for and the priming system sux.I been reloading on my 550 for over 4 years and crank out at least 1000 rounds of ammo a week.
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    what a great machine it is worth it.

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