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First press

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    First press

    RCBS pro 2000 progressive press. I am not going to buy a single stage so when I say this will be my first, accept it. I am interested in opinions on this press. I have looked at the hornady of comparable price and and leaning to the rcbs. I have not had a chance to look at the dillon, but what if any are differences, advantages drawbacks?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Ive tried Hornaday, and RCBS. They both had problems that I constantly had to fiddle with to make work. Dillion was the only one that worked as fast as I could pull the handle. I still have the Lee progressive, and single stage presses because they are easy to change calibers. The Dillion now lives at my sons house but I still load on it. I also have an RCBS single stage press for swaging, and reforming brass. If you have the money its Dillion all the way. DR

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    Honestly, I have no experience with RCBS and/or Hornady presses.

    I did do ALOT of research before buying my first press. It was/is a LEE Classic Turret. GREAT press!!! Trouble free and easily can switch over to other calipers. Get a nice rythem going and you'll be suprised how much you can load an hour.

    I've learned alot using this press over the last 18months and I have zero intentions of getting rid of it. Even though I recently got a Pro1000 dedicated to 45acp only.

    Good luck!
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