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You can use the scoops just fine, but the lee perfect powder dispenser works good. The lee balance scale is a little slowish and my buddy (reloading setup co-owner) hates it, but I use is perfectly fine with perfect repeatability.
The scoops work just fine, I use a powder measure and only use the scale to double check my powder measure. I check the first 10 or so and one out of every 20 or 30 to be sure it hasn't changed. I just drop one charge on the scale and let it settle out as I go about my business. That way if there's a change I only have to deal with 20 or 30 mistakes instead of several hundred.
As far as primers go Ive seen no new laws regulating them "yet". The last big shortage only lasted about a year. I keep about a 2 year supply on hand to get me through any temp shortages. Powder and primers have a long shelf life if kept in a temp controlled area. DR