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How do you capture your brass for reloading

This is a discussion on How do you capture your brass for reloading within the Reloading forums, part of the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics category; I usually capture them using tear gas................

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Thread: How do you capture your brass for reloading

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    I usually capture them using tear gas.............
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    I declared an executive order making it illegal for brass to leave my immediate area. Those that violate the law are severely punished (tortured if the libs found out) by subjecting them to objects run up their rectums and outer body severely brused and shoved around. Then I put them in a big group and pummel them with walnut sells until the bruising disappears and toss them into an overcrowded container serving as a cell. They only wished for Guantanamo and water boarding, but I'm tough.

    Now that that's out of my system... I'm somewhat of an inventor so I made a tent out of cammo mesh with spring loaded curtain hangers angled to direct brass to the back where they fall into a fold that leads them into a container. It works very well being overhead and behind and all. It rolls up into a neat package that I slide into a mailing tube that I mounted a handle on for carry. It catches 99% with the odd ones falling on the shelf and rolling out the back. Obviously I'm in an indoor range with stalls and high walls.

    I stopped using it however for "social reasons". I felt like I needed to stick a pocket protector in my shirt and buck teeth in my mouth and walk funny when leaving. Now I ask for the far lane and sweep it before and after, maybe during. I am honest though and if I find other's brass that flew into my area when punching, I put them in a baggie and toss them in the front next time I shoot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by high pockets View Post
    I was speaking with a young lady in line with me at last weekend's gun show and she explained how she catches her brass. She said she just unbuttons the top two buttons of her blouse and all her spent brass goes right in her shirt. She did say it hurts like heck, but she doesn't have to look far for her brass.
    That happened to the lady next to me when qualifying for my permit. She was quite excited and I thought, man I must be doing alright. Then I realized what was happening and offered to assist her in any way possible, as it was after all my fault, and my brass!

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    Re: How do you capture your brass for reloading

    When shooting outside if power's available I use a shop vac with a small inlet tube.Then I strain the contents. No sore backs for me.
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    I fire the shot, call the shot then try and catch the brass while it is still in mid air all while keeping my muzzle pointed down range and not getting my other hand burned from the fresh hot brass.

    I shoot lots of revolvers or bolt guns in conditions where I may have a hard time with saving my brass ie; winter, mud snow or busy indoor range. I also don't use or ask for anybody else's brass unless it is somebody that I am shooting with and they offer it to me.
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    I have a trained Capuchin monkey that catches them mid-air with an oven mitt.
    He also packs a .38 derringer, for those random occasions when I need backup..

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    Tarps were mentioned twice, I believe; I used to have a Browning Hi-Power (Belgian, wish I still had it!) that would put brass into your hat -- well, into a hula hoop -- assuming your point of aim remained constant.
    A tarp was just the ticket for that good old pistola.
    I've had other self shuckers (past tense) that scattered brass like a fat man spittin' watermelon seeds.
    (Insert icon of man kicking self for trading off items he wished he hadn't!)
    In that case I spent as much time scavenging brass from the grass as I did putting lead downrange, for I am a tight fisted sort and would make every effort to a 100% recovery.
    Generally I ended up with more than that.
    (Going back to the pecan picker thingies, our Cowboy Action club went to those and it makes life just a whole lot easier!)
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    I used to drive myself crazy trying to collect all that I had shot but I finally got smart and just approached a guy at the range and found out he would sell me sorted brass at 80 bucks for like 2200 rounds. Now I've got a few to spare so it doesn't worry me as much if I miss a few.

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    I don't reload so I don't collect my brass except for my casing collection, but I've been asked dozens of times from others on the range if I mind letting them have mine. To me brass is basically my trash but to them it is gold, especially now, I almost always say yes if they're polite, and also because those who want the brass the most often are the guys with the coolest collections. I've gotten to shoot more than a couple obscure guns (like a .500 magnum) thanks to my brass largess! Fair trade to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rammerjammer View Post

    So how do you do reload training?


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    I lay a sheet on the floor and stand on the left of it when I shoot. When I am done I have most of my brass on the fabric, just grab each of the four corners, and wad it up until I get home. I also sometimes do the hand-broom and dust-pan thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jackster View Post
    I lay a sheet on the floor and stand on the left of it when I shoot. When I am done I have most of my brass on the fabric, just grab each of the four corners, and wad it up until I get home. I also sometimes do the hand-broom and dust-pan thing.
    Same here. Old bedsheets are just perfect for catching spent brass.
    My favorite "gun" book-


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    My wife catches most of the hot brass in her V-neck.
    Retired USAF E-8. Curmudgeon at large.
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    You can always switch to a revolver ... no chasing brass.

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