I think i may have saved a life yesterday!!

I think i may have saved a life yesterday!!

This is a discussion on I think i may have saved a life yesterday!! within the Reloading forums, part of the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics category; So I have been wanting to get into reloading and have been reading The ABC'S of reloading. Well i had my book at work while ...

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Thread: I think i may have saved a life yesterday!!

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    I think i may have saved a life yesterday!!

    So I have been wanting to get into reloading and have been reading The ABC'S of reloading. Well i had my book at work while on break. A guy I work with came in to breakroom and he said he was going to start reloading. He said he had a press, bullets, primers and powder. Then he said he had never reloaded or read a book on reloading. And he would just get a recipe from someone and load away. So i was trying to explainable to him the danger of just trusting someone elses recipe as there is a guy at work that blew up a ar by blindly trusting someone elses recipe. When i was talking to him he even said "I thought that was alot of powder". And got really lucky he didnt get hurt. So i start to try and explain pressure and that raising the pressure to fast makes pretty much a pipe bomb. So in the end he said that he would buy a book and learn about reloading since he knew very little. He also asked what books to buy and i recommended speer and Lyman' s current reloading books. I am really glad that he said something and didnt just start reloading without knowing whats going on. And while i am just getting into reloading and I by know means know everything and probably never will i think i at least pointed him in the right direction.
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    Good job!
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    Congrats. Good job. A lot of people are too stupid to admit what they don't know. That's why I don't reload.
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    Well done. Reloading can be simple enough, but the new reloader needs to proceed with caution and understand the limits of his knowledge.
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    Good Job.
    That's why my new set-up is still in the box for the past 3-4 months and I'm still reading my new books.
    That and... I can't find primers at a decent price right now. Someone always beats me to them at the LGS.
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    Ive been reloading pistol for a while. I've been set up for 223 for at least 6 mos. And am still treating every session as if it were my first.
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    Both the Lyman's book and the ABC's Of Reloading are the two I started with. All the basic info is in there. No complacency; double-check everything; verify frequently; start at the low end of loads, then work up from there. Ideally, start with an introduction by an "old hand" who has reloaded for years. Hard to go wrong, that way. But even then there are no guarantees.

    Glad to see another getting into reloading.
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    This may sound like a bit of an exaggeration, but seriously just getting reloading supplies and equipment and having at it then shooting that ammo is like looking up a recipe to cook meth online and having at it...a tremendously bad idea where 99% of the outcomes possible are bad ones.

    I know a fair amount about firearms and ammunition in general, I'll be the first to admit that I don't have a clue about re/hand loading but I have the good sense not to dabble in something for which I am not in the least prepared.

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    Good job OP. Have a friend who has gotten into reloading, and he's not the most "attention to detail" person, he's very smart just like's to rush things and skimp on the details sometimes. I have been VERY clear to him that he HAS to take the time and caution to make sure he does things right. So far he is doing good from what he says. Now he's telling me I gotta get into it, think it's about time to.
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