ordering powder question?

ordering powder question?

This is a discussion on ordering powder question? within the Reloading forums, part of the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics category; I was thinking about putting some powder on back order online but then I saw how much the shipping and hazmat fees were. One place ...

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Thread: ordering powder question?

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    ordering powder question?

    I was thinking about putting some powder on back order online but then I saw how much the shipping and hazmat fees were. One place said "Hazmat shipping fee applies - $27.50 handling charge per 50 Lbs." Does that mean if I only order 1lb. it will only be $0.55 or will it still be $27 no matter what? cant see paying that much for just a pound and I don't want 50lbs. should I just wait till the next gun show and only pay my $10 admission fee or keep checking my lgs? This sucks I will have my dies in a day or so and I would love to be able to have some powder also. I also still need primers that will have a hazmat fee as well im sure. Well one day I will be able to reload then I wont want to shoot my rounds due to how hard it will be to get more supplies.

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    Nope, 1 ounce to 50 pounds, you pay the $27.50 fee.

    Keep checking retail outlets around you, and gun shows as well. Look at bulletin boards at local clubs and ranges, too. Stuff will turn up soon enough.
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    The 27.50 hazmat fee applies per order,it doesn't matter if it's 1# or 50# it's the same cost.thats why when you order powder and or primers online you need to order enough to off set the Hazmat and shipping fees I usually order at least 20,000 primers and around 16# of powder at once
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    Another thing to consider, at least when I looked at primers & powder online, is that hazmat fee is just that you also still have to pay the shipping charge. Best way to do it online is to buy in bulk, i.e. get as close to max weight as possible, or do a group buy with friends so the shipping and hazmat are divided.

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    To answer one of your questions, your best bet is to wait until a gun show or keep checking a local shop. I only order online when I have absolutely no other choice.

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    I just ordered 8k, and with the hazmat fee, I'm looking at a little under $30/k. Considering the only local place I found is charging $60/k....

    Just order in bulk. Find friends who reload or use local forums to get a group buy together, and split the hazmat fees.

    Right now, just finding some in stock long enough to get a big order is hard enough. And some sites are rationing so buying 1-2 lbs or 1-2k primers just isn't worth it.

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    With powder at my LGS running $35-55/lb, I would order on-line if anyone had it and I needed the powder. I did order 8 lbs. of HP38 from third generation about 6 months ago--even with hazmat, the price was still acceptable. Glad I stocked up on almost everything before the re-election.

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    when i buy primers and powder i check the local prices plus tax. then i check what it will cost on line with haz-mat fee and shipping. 99 per cent of the time the on line order is cheaper because i make large orders. small orders it is best to buy local.
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    Bulk ordering by internet is the only way to go if you want to save money on powder purchases. When normal times return (if ever) you can buy powder and primers on one hazmat fee.

    My last powder purchase was some AA-2520 From Powder Valley. Total delivered price for 3 eight pound jugs (24 LBs) for 460 USD. That works out to 19.13USD per pound delivered to my door.

    If you buy even more, say mix jugs of rifle and pistol powders you can get the cost even lower as the hasmat fee and shipping is the same for up to 50 lbs, but check with PV just to be sure on the shipping charges.

    At 3.50 USD per gallon on gas it does not take much driving to add even more money to buying a pound of powder local.

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