did i do good?

did i do good?

This is a discussion on did i do good? within the Reloading forums, part of the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics category; I just bought 290 .40cal brass used for $30 and 1,000 cci small pistol primers for $50, it was all local 10min from me so ...

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Thread: did i do good?

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    did i do good?

    I just bought 290 .40cal brass used for $30 and 1,000 cci small pistol primers for $50, it was all local 10min from me so I did not waste gas driving and did not pay a hazmat or shipping fee for the stuff. I think I did good but wanted to see what you all thought should I go back there for more more often or keep looking?

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    I think you did good but do check the brass close hopefully its only been reloaded 4 or 5 times and not to hot, I would have bought it

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    Sounds pretty good. But the primers might be a tad high. There goin for about $38 around my neck of the woods when you can find them. And dang I need some right now.

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    Sorry, but you paid darn near new price for that used brass. 10 cents a piece is NOT a good price, heck you can buy 40 brass for 3.5 cents shipped to your door all day long. I bit my tongue when I paid 36 bucks for Win SPP at Calebas a couple days ago.

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    hate to say this that's a tad High! I don't shoot a lot of .40 therefore, I just save the brass and sell it off. I sell it for $30 per 1000 and I sort by headstamp. I try and only sell once fired and its the stuff I don't shoot often.
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    It is what it is. SMP primers are $45/100 here and I don't know the price of brass. I pick it up at ever range. I've got baggies of 40 and .357 Sig, neither of which I reload--yet.
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