Recommend a loading for 38+P

Recommend a loading for 38+P

This is a discussion on Recommend a loading for 38+P within the Reloading forums, part of the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics category; I am looking to put together some 38+p's that are not overly hot. They will be going into my wife's snubbie. I have some 140gr ...

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Thread: Recommend a loading for 38+P

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    Recommend a loading for 38+P

    I am looking to put together some 38+p's that are not overly hot. They will be going into my wife's snubbie. I have some 140gr XTP's on hand along with Winchester small magnum primers. What kind and how much powder do you recommend? I have been thinking about using Bullseye or maybe jumping up to Blue Dot for more horse power. Tell me what you think. Thanks

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    Try contacting Hornady. They make the bullet, they should have a recommendation.

    I have no suggestion; A) I don't use Alliant, B) I don't load +P, C) I hardly ever load .38 anymore.
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    If you are looking for a reasonable load, I would first get some new primers. I could be wrong, but I can't think of any 38 Special load which takes magnum primers.

    I will bet you can find a reasonable load for those XTPs and that Bullseye powder. Bullseye is far and away my favorite powder for 38 special.

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    isn't using the phrases "38+P" and "not overly hot" a bit of an oxymoron?

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    I wouldn't be so concerned with loading a "Hot" round,as loading a round that she can shoot well that doesn't recoil excessively.I realize that most loads today don't call for magnum primers,but with the way supplies are you take what you can get,I've been loading 9/40 and 38/357 with magnum primers for awhile with no noticeable difference.
    These are loads for the 140 grn XTP
    140 grain Hornady XTP
    Bullseye 4.4 gr. 807
    Bullseye 4.6 gr. 845 (+P)
    W231/HP38 4.9 gr. 696
    PowerPistol 5.8 gr. 889
    these are from the following link
    Reloading Pages of M.D. Smith

    My go to Pages used to be Steves Reloading pages,but my browser has warned me that site is now full of malware
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    You want to be very careful increasing powder, not all powders increase in pressure in a linear manner.
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    I am with the majority here. First I think the bullet choice is wrong. I would go with a 158 grain bullet. Using magnum primers I have to ask why? Look up what the FBI developed for their 38's when that was their carried weapon.

    When I started to hand load I realized I had a couple of short comings. My degree was not in this field and I lacked the 300K for cpu test cup machines and testing required to develop a safe load. I finally settled on developing rounds that shot best in my rifles and pistols well below the maximum pressures and loads in my books. I do carry a factory loaded round in my carry weapon and my wife who carries a S&W 442 shoots a factory round in her carry.

    I wish you all the luck but remember what was said above powders are very interesting in that adding grains does not raise the pressures on a mathematical linear ramp.


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    According to Hornaday the XTPs will reliably open between 700 and 1400 fps. Id bet out of a snubbie the high end loads will be brutle! I practice a lot with Lead wad cutters at between 600 and 700 fps. carry loads come in at just over 850 fps. I can still shoot those well. I dont use Bullseye powder but it should be able to get you to an acceptable load. DR

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