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    Lizard litter

    Don't know if anyone has posted about this before.

    I read somewhere that a Lizard litter called Zilla is a good media for tumbling brass. It is crushed walnut and is about a third the price of regular tumbler media.

    I went to PetCo today and bought a bag, $7, i'm guessing i'll get about 3 or more fills of my tumbler with the one bag. I started my tumbler tonight and ran it for 2 hours, the brass is shiny and smooth. I added a couple of cap fulls of Nu Finish car polish and i'm very pleased with the results. Very little dust, and fine enough not to wedge inside 9mm brass.

    Just thought I would share in case anyone is looking for a cheap alternative to the Lyman, Hornady, etc. tumbler media.

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    My husband uses ground walnut shells. I asked him what brand and he said he's been using the same ones for so many years he has no idea at all where he got them or what brand they were.

    Can't you keep reusing the Lizard litter Zilla?
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    That's what I use. Results are best if the tumbler is not heavily loaded, allowing more media movement. It lasts quite a while.
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    I use a combination of lizard litter and ground walnut I got from Petco. Bought it about a year+ ago and it works great. I've haven't changed the matrix in my tumbler since I loaded it up last year. Just cleaned some brass yesterday and it looks great. good luck

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    I use Lizard Litter with red rouge. I add mineral spirits to keep the dust down. It all works very well.

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    Zilla is all I use,got a 20 lb bag for 20 bucks,filled up a 5 gallon paint bucket with the stuff

    cheap and works great..I tumble pistol brass 2 hours a pop

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    I am using the lizard litter as well. One tip I picked up online was to cut up and throw a cut up sheet of bounty in with your media. I also use a capful of mineral spirits and a bit of Flitz Green.
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    I don't recall what the litter I use is for, birds I think. It is crushed walnut shells. It works well on it's own without adding any other cleaner.
    I run rifle brass through it twice, once to clean before resizing and once after trimming the neck to take the lube off.

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    I use corncob from the pet section at Walmart. I get about 5lbs for 3-something.

    I mix it with just enough mineral spirits and nufinish to keep the corn cob damp. I also reuse the same corncob for thousands of rounds, brass comes out clean and shiny.

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    Wow am I glad I read this post! Lizard Litter and bird litter, mineral spirits and car wax right?

    Results are best if the tumbler is not heavily loaded
    ... does that mean a bit less of the media as well, maybe half full vs 2/3's ?

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    I mix 50/50 crushed walnut & corncob. I get it from Petco in the pet litter section.

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    I used to use the lizard litter from Petsmart, it worked okay expecially if you had a polishing such Dillion Rapid Polish. I have sinced moved to Stainless Steel Media and will NEVER go back to CORN cob or walnut. Stainless steel lasts forever and is magnetized so when you drop it you use a magnet to pick it up. Plus there is nothing that comes even remotely close to cleaning the brass like Stainless steel media. I have taken brass that was black and it will come out better than brand spanking new. Plus the stainless steel cleans the inside of the cases and the primer pockets.

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    Lizard litter works great. It does not seem to last as long as it is made from the whole corncob and not just the hard outer part. The softer core of the cob seems to disintegrate after a while. In the long run, it is still much less expensive than the standard tumbling media.

    Those stainless steel pins do a fantastic job in a rotary tumbler and are a big time saver as they clean the goo out primer pockets. The pins are smaller than the flash holes and so do not get stuck in the primer pockets as other media does. I tried the stainless in a vibrator type tumbler without much success.
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    I use rice for all my calibers. Great for .223 comes right out.

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