this is un-scientific test I did about 5 minutes ago just posting my results. I just got the CFE yesterday so I'm working up the loads with the CFE, the TAC load is what I've loaded for years. If this helps anybody get started on choosing a powder for a 16inch M4orgey, using common Honady FMJ 55 grainers purchased in bulk. Did chrono two Green Tips not supposed to but I did. One was 2975 and the other was 2991, these where both factory loads.

Gun Smith MP 16 inch barrel
55 Grain Hornady w/c loaded to cannelure
Remington BR primer 7 1/2
Remington Case

Loaded on a DILLION 650 Press.

indoor range

Ramshot Tac 24.5gr

CFE223=26.2 gr