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Thread: Anyone using IMR PB

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    Anyone using IMR PB

    I have been reloading rifle ammo for a few years now and just starting to load some handgun. Will be loading 9mm, 40, and 45 acp.. I am just wanting to load ammo just for target shooting and for practice. I read on the IMR site that PB was good for light to medium powered rounds. I you have used it please tell me what you thought. Also if there are any other powder recommendations for these three calibers, please let me know.

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    I have a pound of it on the bench....I have mostly used it for light loads with the .44 works fine...and there is data
    for it on the Hodgdon Load Data is not too expensive and a little seems to go a long way.
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    It is VERY clean and works fine.
    9mm: AA5 and Power Pistol--AA5 for up to mid-range. PP for mid to Max.
    .40S&W: AA5 and Silhouette--AA5 for up to mid-range. Sil for mid to Max.
    .45 Auto: 231/HP38, AA2, Bullseye, Red Dot, Solo 1000, N320, 700X--all with 200gn L-SWC.
    In order of preference.

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    I have a can of PB, and load it with 165 gr Berry's bullets in my 40 S&W. PB, HP-38, HS-6, and vv 3N37 are my favorite powders.

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    I have used a bunch of PB, but for shotshell loading. Ie shotgun shells. I really liked it. Below is info from their web site

    PB is great for Trap, Skeet, and Sporting Clays where heavy 1 ounce and 1-1/8 ounce loads are needed. In pistol it yields top performance in target and plinking loads for such cartridges as the 40 S&W, 45 Auto, etc. The small extruded grains deliver metering that is always super uniform.

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    I've loaded a lot of .45 ACP with it. Several cans' worth, anyway. As mentioned above, it's very clean, and easy to measure, and consistent.

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    Yessss ...

    It is my preferred powder for my GLOCK 40's. I used to shoot in the GLOCK GSSF matches. My records show that I've loaded over 35,000 .40S&W rounds with it.

    6.0 grains of PB under a bulk boxed 155 grain hollow point bullet.

    That works out to 30 pounds, whew-hew 8-)

    My press, (Dillon 550B), is set-up with it right now!

    Good Luck!


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    It is a good alternative to my favorite propellants I like for the .45 ACP. Tried one can many years ago and have always meant to revisit it.
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