Reloading 9mm in 0.357 vs 0.355

Reloading 9mm in 0.357 vs 0.355

This is a discussion on Reloading 9mm in 0.357 vs 0.355 within the Reloading forums, part of the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics category; I picked up a box of Xtreme 9mm 147 grain bullets with a diameter of 0.357. I have been using 9mm 115 grain with a ...

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Thread: Reloading 9mm in 0.357 vs 0.355

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    Reloading 9mm in 0.357 vs 0.355

    I picked up a box of Xtreme 9mm 147 grain bullets with a diameter of 0.357. I have been using 9mm 115 grain with a diameter of 0.355.

    Can I use the 0.357 for normal 9mm ammo reloads?


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    I'm not familiar with extreme bullets, But I shoot lead bullets sized to 357 without any problem. If I tried to load them sized any larger the bullet would swell the case and most wouldn't chamber. If your Extreme bullets are solid copper or any other harder than lead Id get a expert opinion from extreme. They may be just fine. DR

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    They'll be fine.

    Most 9MM cast lead bullets are sized to .356.

    You are only talking .001 difference which is only .0005 to the side.

    You wont have any issues at all.
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    I use .355 lead. I would think they would be okay, just watch out for excessive pressures if you load them on the hot side. good luck

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    Do it all the time

    My Blackhawk barrel is .355" and it regularly shoots .357 plated, coated and lead. I have fired about 1000 .358 lead and plated DEWC bullets through the barrel. For me, .358 is as big as I am willing to use. Since yours are copper plated lead, you should not have any problems finding a satisfactory powder load for these bullets in your gun.

    When you put a .357 bullet into a 9mm case, you won't care for the case bulge. It should be quite noticeable and probably not detrimental. Just in case your gun is very tight, you should build one and see if it drops into the breach easily. If it is too tight, you may not want to use them just for that reason. I am not sure if the X-Treme plated bullets can be resized, I still have "test resizing plated bullets" on my to-do list. But you could try resizing them to .356 or .355, whichever you know to be best for your barrel. If you are using the cases many times, .357 bullets will age them a little faster.

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    If you gun is too tight to take a 0.358" bullet, it doesn't meet SAAMI dimensions.
    It is not a problem.
    Just like ALWAYS, start with the starting load and work up.

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    One thing I really like is I have a set of wilson case gauges what ever I am loading every tenth cartridge or so I drop into the gauge if it fits it will chamber much faster than calibers which I only use for rifle now.

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