OK this colt 45 ammo is now breaking my bank,, beginner reload guy here!

OK this colt 45 ammo is now breaking my bank,, beginner reload guy here!

This is a discussion on OK this colt 45 ammo is now breaking my bank,, beginner reload guy here! within the Reloading forums, part of the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics category; Where do I even begin to learn? So confused....I think I entered a rabbit hole when I first started researching products. I need SIMPLE help!...thanks!...

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Thread: OK this colt 45 ammo is now breaking my bank,, beginner reload guy here!

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    OK this colt 45 ammo is now breaking my bank,, beginner reload guy here!

    Where do I even begin to learn? So confused....I think I entered a rabbit hole when I first started researching products. I need SIMPLE help!...thanks!

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    Well when I started I looked into all presses. Single stage, turret, progressive. I narrowed it down by how much I shot a month. I typically shoot around 700 rds a month through different weapons. The single stage was two slow the progressive was over kill. I than looked at most of the turrets out there. I settled on the lyman t-mag because I can by extra turret heads for each caliber I reload an keep the dies in them all set up. This way I can change calibers with just removing one bolt. I can typically reload around 150 rds a hour easily. You can buy the whole t-mag expert kit for around 195. I would reccomend lee dies you can get a 4 piece die set which includes shell holder for around 32 dollars. Kit will come with manuel, scale an other misc you will need. Than you will need bullet puller for mistakes 15.00 caliper 20.00 that is basically all you need there will be more with powder, bullets, cases you will be around the 700.00 range. Thats enough for several calibers. Lots of fun another great hobby. Not sure how much you will save but you will be able to shoot more.
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    The Lyman manual (I think it's the 47th edition is a very good place to start).

    I have bee n reloading for more than 15 years, and I have discovered that in spite of the fact I can reload for no more than 1/2 the cost of new ammunition, I now shoot twice as much, so I save nothing!

    I do, however, have a good feeling knowing I am shooting ammunition I have manufactured myself.

    Like Easy8, I used to shoot about 700 to 1,000 rounds per month, but I went with the progressive setup, and have never regretted it. If you can walk and chew gum at the same time, you can master progressive reloaders with no problem.

    Good luck in your research, and BTW, I use Big Blue. Yes, I am a Dillon fanboy, Go Blue, or Go Home!

    Ps; If you mean 45LC, let me know if you need brass. I am not shooting CAS at present,
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    I first started with a Lee Classic Loader. It is all manual. I use my drill press to press the dies. I first started with rifle loads (6.5 mm Swede). You will also need some calipers, a scale, and a manual.
    Lee Clasic Loaders are around 25-30 bucks. A relatively painless way to get into reloading and start understanding whats involved with the process.
    My son and I loaded the ammo (Lee Classic Loader) that took down his first elk last fall. The rounds are every bit as accurate as any off the shelf ammo I can get.

    Very satisfying.
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    I was going to say. If you have a lot of time and little money there is always the LEE LOADER.

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    I started with one of these a few years ago when I started loading my own .357. Nothing fancy but works. One day I might upgrade but this works for now.

    Lee Challenger Breech Lock Single Stage Press Anniversary Kit

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    Been using the same Lee single stage press for 27 years. I do a lot of handloads in the cold winter months and some during the summer.
    I have not yet seen a need to move to anything else. Heck, the process of handloading is just as fun as shooting! Why rush it?
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    I am using the same RCBS single stage press I bought 30 years ago. Just change dies and I can load anything I have.
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    most "starter" kits are ample for getting the job done. Check them out. They're usually cheaper than trying to buy piecemeal.
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    Save Your self some greif, spend the bucks & buy a Dillion. Great custamor service, they will walk you through any reloading problems over the phone if need be.
    That said I have reloaded thousands of rounds on single stage presses.

    The old .45 Colt is a fun & easy round to reload.
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    I positively detest loading straight wall cases, which most handgun cartridges are. Too many steps, simply too slow.

    Having said that new reloaders should start out on single stage presses so they can learn the craft from the ground up. If they like reloading, then go to a progressive after they've gained experience.

    I like reloading. I think I shoot so I can reload. :)
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    I just got bit by the reloading bug. Bought a Lee Classic Turret, the powder measure, primer feed, Lyman book, a set of 45 and 9mm dies, a bullet puller, scale and caliper - all off Amazon. I'm in for about $400 without buying powder, bullets or primers yet. Went to the range last weekend and shot about 150 rounds, kept the brass and scrounged for about 100 more of 9mm and 45 mixed. So I have enough brass to get started.

    Figure $25 for a lb of powder, $30 for a box of 1k primers, and $80 for 500 bullets of each caliber. Just over $500 to get me started.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 40Bob View Post
    I am using the same RCBS single stage press I bought 30 years ago. Just change dies and I can load anything I have.
    Me too, I have a Rock Chucker.

    I started reloading when I was stationed in AK. Figured out reloading 500 rds of 44Mag paid for the basic equipment over cost of 500 rds of store bought.

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    Single stage Lee press with hodge podge of accessories. I got about half of my stuff in a deal when I bought my 45 Vaquero. Piece here & a piece there & didn't drop a lot of cash right off the bat.
    If you can get some wheel weights and a mold you can cast your own bullets. If you cast you can load 45 colt for 10-12 cents each. Savings of 80¢ s round. That will pay for your press real quick. After you pay your dues & get your poop in a group then buy your bullets & still save a lot of cash. Lots of people here to help you out.
    Good luck & good shooting.
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