Suggestions on a Reloader?

Suggestions on a Reloader?

This is a discussion on Suggestions on a Reloader? within the Reloading forums, part of the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics category; I am new to reloading and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to specific equipment that is affordable and holds up for just ...

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Thread: Suggestions on a Reloader?

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    Suggestions on a Reloader?

    I am new to reloading and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to specific equipment that is affordable and holds up for just doing handgun loads?

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    I started Lee over a quarter century ago and so have stuck with it - well for the presses anyways. I mainly use the gear for big cal's now tho do also have a session on 38 spl sometimes. Lee would certainly be your way in at a budget level.

    Almost all tho will suggest you invest in a Dillon - 550 or 650 - progressive presses, built to last and breakages replaced FOC.

    These will allow quite fast production too - which is great for volume handgun ammo.

    One other thing - never a bad idea to have a single stage press ... like a Rock Chucker ............ and start with that hand assembling. Slow but - it gets you into the whole dynamic of loading safely . and it'll always be useful for other chores later - as well as rifle if needed.
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    Thanks for the suggestion.

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    At the risk of starting a Blue stampede check out Dillon.
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    Reloader suggestion

    If you are just planning to load for one handgun caliber, the Dillon Square Deal B is a really neat little progressive machine. If you are going to be loading for a number of cartriges, then my recommendation would be for the Dillon 550B.
    There is a pretty good discussion on "Which machine?" on Brian Enos' web site:
    It covers quiet a few things one might not even think about on your own.
    Good luck with reloading. Be patient and be safe!

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    Dillon is the way go. 550 or 650 models make it easy to turn lots of ammo with minimal effort and time. Get the case feeder & bullet tray options. Makes loading much easier & quicker.

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    I have been reloading for over 40 years but only with single stage presses. I retired recently and wanted to reload with something that had a greater production capacity but did not cost a lot. I settled on a Lee Classic Turret press and, so far, I am very, very happy with it.

    Bought the kit from
    Kempf and it has proven to be functional, reliable, and pretty simple to use. I now load for 44 magnum, 454 Casull, and 357 magnum using the Lee four die set with the Pro Auto-Disk powder measure. Kempf may cost just a little bit more but they have really knowledgeable people who will talk to you and answer questions.

    It has worked very well for me.
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    Lee has come a long way sinse I was reloading. If I were buying today Lee would be near the top of my list.

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    +1 Lee Classic Turret. It's far easier to change calibers than most, simple to use, and is fast enough to produce enough ammo for the average shooter.

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