Buying used reloading equipment, good idea?

This is a discussion on Buying used reloading equipment, good idea? within the Reloading forums, part of the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics category; Originally Posted by Redneck Repairs Honestly single stage presses , dies ( uppon inspection by good pics or hand ) , priming tools , and ...

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Thread: Buying used reloading equipment, good idea?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redneck Repairs View Post
    Honestly single stage presses , dies ( uppon inspection by good pics or hand ) , priming tools , and other simple items i am not afraid of on used reloading supplys , I stay away from scales , powder mesures ( electronic ) progressive presses ( unless i am buying where i know the history of the press ) and other complex items . There is a time and place to be frugal , other times its best to just buy once and not cry twice . Just my opinion YMMV

    I agree with all of that, I won't buy used dies anymore, out of three sets, one was crap and I ended up getting a new set to replace it. That's only 33%, and would probably not be the norm, but it was the last set I bought from E-bay, I'm using strictly Lee gear with the exception of two sets (the ones that were okay, but cost as much as new lee dies). $19 - $24 for a brand new set of dies, and knowing what you have aint bad.

    again, if you know someone with a FFL, Or even get one your self, take a couple bucks a set off of that and pretty much everything else. my last order was for a telescoping stock, new forend stock with rails, and a vert forend grip for my AK, best price I could find online was $158 for the lot, I saved more than the $30 curious and Relics liscense fee on that one order. Just an idea. Wish I had that back when I bought my press.

    P.M. me is you have a specific item you would like to know the discout for a dealer.
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