Should I reload the 9mm?

Should I reload the 9mm?

This is a discussion on Should I reload the 9mm? within the Reloading forums, part of the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics category; Out of habit I always collect my brass during a range session. I now have a few hundred rounds of once fired brass, and I've ...

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Thread: Should I reload the 9mm?

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    Should I reload the 9mm?

    Out of habit I always collect my brass during a range session. I now have a few hundred rounds of once fired brass, and I've been thinking of reloading. I'm no stranger to reloading; I've been doing it for many years, but I question whether or not it is cost effective in 9mm.
    Given the fact that I would be reloading for a Glock, it rules out lead bullets. When I crunch the numbers, I only come up with a saving of $35 on the first thousand rounds (factoring in $30 for a set of dies) over purchasing a thousand rounds of WW from Walmart.
    So, what do you guys think? Those who load for the it really worth it?

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    From what I have seen , match shooters tend to reload 9mm since the cost effectiveness isn't there like other calibers.
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    Those who load for the it really worth it?
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    Yes....I think you should reload 9mm. Prices of factory-loaded ammo will go no where but up; in fairness, so will that of ammo components.

    Once you amortize the cost of the reloading equipment, is when you'll see your savings. That savings, while maybe small, will increase the more you shoot, assuming you plan on shooting a lot.
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    Why not reload the 9mm? It is a great hobby into itself.

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    By all means reload. At a minimun save brass since as stated by srfl prices will go up.
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    it depends.
    i dont reload because i simply dont have the time. im a college kid and i need every spare second i can get.
    granted that also means im poor so i can save every spare cent on ammo that i can, but overall for me its not worth it.

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    The X factor in this is time. Do you have the time to sit down and reload for the amount of money its going to save you? Do you burn through enough 9mm to make it worth while?
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    I reload 9. It's not that much cheaper but it is cheaper. I load the target stuff kinda soft so it's really nice to shoot. There is no need to use full power loads for most of your shooting. Your hands thank you, your gun thanks you and it's easier to find your brass when it's closer to you.l

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    I can't fathom why people don't reload for everything they shoot.

    For the Glock, get a Storm Lake aftermarket barrel for $100 and you can shoot as much lead as you want. Lead prices for 9mm are about 4-5 cents per bullet, way cheaper than jacketed or even plated. At a 50% savings over the cost of the bullets, it won't take you long to pay off the barrel. Sell the old one to offset the cost too.

    Reloading in college is the time to start. You can get setup with a press that will run $200 shipped, including dies and all you need to add is components and a calipers. It will load 200-250rds per hour with ease.

    I'm in college, have a family with a small child, work full time, plus run a business and still have time to reload. It is always worth it. If you got the money to throw away, go ahead.

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    The biggest cost in reloading is brass. I've been seeing numbers of about $15-16 for a box of 100 WWB at Walmart, and $8.50-9.50 depending on where and who you buy your supplies from to reload that same 100.

    Personally, I think it's worth it when I'm shooting as much as I do. It will pay for all your equipment sooner or later.
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    I reload 9mm on a progressive (Dillon). I've got 9000-10000 cases, buy powder in 8 pound cans and bullets by the case. It's very easy to load 500-600 rounds in an hour. Costs are 1/3 to 1/4 of retail cartridge costs. This cost ratio has been fairly constant for more than a dozen years; that's the cost of 3-4 presses at the rate I use the ammo (3-400 rnds per session, 14-18 sessions per year--sometimes more.) YMMV.

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    yes,,, i do. get a kkm and/or efk glock barrel and then you can shoot cast lead. or just reload jacket for the 9mm. i reload several pistol and rifle rounds. i also reload the .25 acp round. reloading is fun.
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    What is factory 9mm going for these days. I load it using jacketed bullets for about 4.90 per/50. :)
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    The price of ammo is going up, glad I am reloading. Just ordered some 124gr 9mm TMJ bullets $85 per 1,000. $25 for the primers and $23 for the titegroup, plus tax.

    Winclean is around $225 per thousand right now, perhaps higher.

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