Reloaders in the Board

Reloaders in the Board

This is a discussion on Reloaders in the Board within the Reloading forums, part of the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics category; As much as I would love to have a reloading treehouse (read forum) I also have to consider the work it may represent to Bumper ...

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Thread: Reloaders in the Board

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    Reloaders in the Board

    As much as I would love to have a reloading treehouse (read forum) I also have to consider the work it may represent to Bumper and the Mods. So it is simply a question of how many here reload or are seriously thinking about reloading. Bumper can see the numbers and could make a better decission. If he thinks it is a good idea and decide to open it, great. If not, we shall continue to be polite and confine our reloading posts & inquiries within Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics.
    The poll will be open for 7 days only.
    And against 16,000 board members, if we show a small minority, no gripes or complaints should be heard if it is decided that no reloading forum should be open.
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    I reload almost all of the ammo I shoot. Usually only buy factory for carry or as a way to get brass.
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    After going through and cleaning up my utility room where my reloading stuff is set up a couple of weeks ago, I realized just how much I have shot since I reloaded last. I must have a couple of thousand rounds of various calibers to load. I have all the stuff sitting on the shelves, now I just need to sit down for a few nights and get it all in gear and make the darn things up.

    I think I will start tonight and get the large tumbler bowl mounted and make some brass all shiny again.
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    Mrs. Airedale and I shoot USPSA and 3 gun. I couldn't (or wouldn't) afford to shoot as much as I do without reloading.


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    I've been rolling my own rifle and handgun cartridges since '93. I started out with an RCBS Master Reloading Kit, and I've been adding tools and accessories to it ever since. My latest addition is an RCBS Turret Press.

    I made my own press stand, bench, case blocks, scale and powder measure stand, and more. I'll post photos when I can... Hopefully, we'll have a reloading forum to post them in.
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    Reloading now for about 30 years ... altho last few have ''cheated'' a lot with regular handgun ammo, just rolling the more exotic cals and loads.

    Of late however with costs as they are, and seeing as I have all the hardware - it has resumed once more considerably. Some weeks ago over time put together several thousand of various cals - even now including the 9mm!
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    Most of the time my Dept. supplies all my handgun ammo, but I taylor make all my hunting ammo.
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    Handload practice ammo in 40 S&W and 45ACP as well as 30-06 for hunting.
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    I only reload a couple of rifle calibers - .45-70, .30 - 06 and .25 -06. I have a buddy that reloads my shotguns shells for me. As for pistol ammo its all store bought. I really enjoy refining my rifle loads and have found that it has really helped my accuracy.
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    I reload, but am fine with this board not having a reload forum - many other boards already do.
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    not yet but i voted yes cuz im buying one today

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    Michigan's U.P.
    Will be starting very shortly after years of planning on what and where.
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    Making ammo.
    I reload 10 cartridges plus 20ga, own 5 presses, cast my own lead alloy bullets, swage my own jacketed bullets.

    The only factory ammo you will ever see in my house is for 22 rimfire. I save the casings to make bullet jackets for 22cal centerfire rifle.

    On an average week I reload about 2000 rounds of ammo.

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    east TN
    ... wow

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    dang.... on an average year I reload 2000 rounds!!!

    I'd need two extra jobs to afford the supplies if I reloaded that much. I can hardly afford it now with just the one.
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