How do you keep your tumbler from tumbling?

How do you keep your tumbler from tumbling?

This is a discussion on How do you keep your tumbler from tumbling? within the Reloading forums, part of the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics category; What do others use to keep their tumbler from walking off the table and end up tumbling to the floor? Mine has rubber pads under ...

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    How do you keep your tumbler from tumbling?

    What do others use to keep their tumbler from walking off the table and end up tumbling to the floor? Mine has rubber pads under it, but with age and dirt, it seems to move around on the table if I just place it on a hard surfaced bench, mine has a smooth laminate finish.

    What I did was to take a piece of rubberized mat that was left over from lining an in bed truck tool box, this stuff is similar to what they sell to line kitchen cabinets and draws. It has holes in it and is about an 1/8 inch think and has some cushion to it. I simply place it under the tumbler and nothing moves, and it quiets the tumbler down a bit from vibrating everything that the bench is attached to.

    Do any of you use similar things to keep your tumbler from walking off the table?
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    My Midway tumbler is very well behaved and stays put - tho it is noisy as heck!

    I guess if it did ''walk" I'd put a layer of pond-liner rubber under it.
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    Cant say i have had that problem .. how about the stuff they sell for cabinits or rugs thats anti slip ?

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    I have an RCBS tumbler I use in the garage. Keeps the lead dust out of the house (have small child). I put a dryer sheet in there to keep the dust down.

    Never had it walk at all.

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    never had this problem. i have a round piece of glass under my tumbler. don't know why, just put it there sometime time around 1982. don't remember where i found the glass and/or why i did this,, i just did.
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    My tumbler runs on the floor... it couldn't walk very far without opening a door. Never noticed it move more than a couple inches.

    Darned thing is _loud_ though. I'd like to look at tumblers that actually tumble, rather than ones that vibrate, and see if they're a little quieter!
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    They vibrate and that makes the brass tumble.:)

    The Cabela's one is one of the better ones around. Made by Berry's for Cabela's. Clear lid so you can tell when it's done.

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    Good rubber feet on mine, it stays put even when I forget and leave it running for a day or two.
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    A piece of a rubber car floor mat works pretty well.

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    Thanks for the info.
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    I place mine on an old rubber exercise mat. No more walkin - just lots of squackin!
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    Mine stays still but is loud enough to be kept in the garage when in use. You could build a little box frame of 2x4s for it to sit inside...



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