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What made you start handloading?

This is a discussion on What made you start handloading? within the Reloading forums, part of the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics category; For the curiosity of it. Proved to be fun, economical, and the product is superior to factory....

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Thread: What made you start handloading?

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    For the curiosity of it. Proved to be fun, economical, and the product is superior to factory.

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    The darn 44-40 cartridge. Never buy a gun with out first finding out how much the bullets are. After I paid almost 40 bucks for a box of full (non cowboy) loads, I said forget this, ran the figures and started to reload.

    I have done 5 pistol calibers for a couple of years, getting ready to order 1 more pistol caliber and 6 rifle calibers tomorrow. The ammo is just to darn expensive if your going to shoot very much.

    And yes, it is a very relaxing time consuming hobby. Problem is now, I have to split the money between building bullets and building on the Jeep. I guess it isn't bad to have two hobbies to keep you out of trouble.
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    I started doing it when Politicians thought that it was cool to be against guns and ammo.

    Back then, the communists like Kennedy,Shumer and all of the other United Nations worshiping heathens were proposing a 1000 per cent tax on ammo, I thought that it might be prudent to reload my own ammo and to cast bullets.

    Every time some elected official lamented about guns or ammo, I would either buy a gun or some reloading equipment...you know, to make myself feel better since the general population seemed always to elect folks that were hell bent on destroying this country and everything it stands for.

    I beleived then and still beleive today, that one of these days this country will face hard times like it has never before seen and ammunition will be the preffered currency.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HotGuns View Post
    I beleived then and still beleive today, that one of these days this country will face hards times like it has never before seen and ammunition will be preffered currency.
    I have said for several years that I feel that in the future the only person that will be able to afford to shoot will be the guy that reloads.

    Now, back on topic: The reason I started reloading was that back in the early 80's I bought a 41 magnum revolver. Ammo was $25 per box of 50 rounds, when I could find it. I could reload 210 grain hard cast bullets for ~$3 per box of 50. Then I got into USPSA pistol, then AR's...

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    Cost savings mainly to begin with. When I started with the 6.5x55 in a Swedish Mauser sporterized by Kimber, the main line for ammo came from Norma. Anyone ever checked price on a box of Norma Mauser ammo? . Needless to say, I don't even rely on factory ammo for that rifle any more. As I progressed and currently, it's all about accuracy. I do .308 and 22-250 also. There is nothing like creating 20 brand new, homemade cartridges for my (then) brand new Remington 700 in 22-250 before I ever fired the first round through that heavy barrel! Awesome!

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    Making ammo.
    Ha! Anyone check the price of Norma anything? Not cheap.

    I've always liked the 6.5x55 Swede. I might take it up one day. I'm too much of a 7mm family fan. My favorite is the 7mm-08.

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    I don't like ice fishing and needed something to do until the lakes thaw.
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    .40 S&W used to cost more per box. I like to shoot alot, so decided to reduce the cost a bit.
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    The only way I could shoot enough to get better. Now I enjou reloading as much as shooting.

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    I have been reloading since about 1970 when I started burning mass quantiles of .45LC.
    Long story short it is fun, relaxing, and time to you self. I can load any round for any task I need, slow for plinking, fast for long range, specific bullet type for a specific task.
    About the only situation I do not reload for is my SD ammo. Let us not hijack this thread with that one, but for specific reasons I chose to use factory ammo for my CCW gun.
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    It sounded interesting and the cost. I first started reloading 10mm. That's a spending round to buy, but doesn't really cost any more than a 9mm to reload. (OK, a little, but not much)
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    Started loading for rifle accuracy, with my Dad, while a teen, 7mm mag. and 30-06. Long range hunts. Am just returning to it now as I started shooting .45acp in USPSA this past year. I don't want to think about what WWB cost me for practice and competition in '07, but at least I saved a bunch of the brass to reload.
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    Pass time
    Cheaper than store bought
    and yes, mine even though they are lead they are more accurate they store bought

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    i was cheap. come to think about it i still am.
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    I received a hands-on introduction to the wonderful world of handloading several years before I actually began doing it on my own.

    1. I can still roll my own for less than the cost of factory.

    2. I can tailor my loads for any of my particular firearms to achieve optimum performance.

    3. I enjoy it.
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