What made you start handloading?

What made you start handloading?

This is a discussion on What made you start handloading? within the Reloading forums, part of the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics category; Cost savings? Unaccurate factory loads? Do you shoot a gun that's ammo is expensive to buy or find? Want to shoot a bullet that isn't ...

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Thread: What made you start handloading?

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    Making ammo.

    What made you start handloading?

    Cost savings? Unaccurate factory loads? Do you shoot a gun that's ammo is expensive to buy or find? Want to shoot a bullet that isn't offered in factory loads (like a 168gr A-Max for the 7mm-08 Rem.)?

    My story:

    Cost savings. I always wanted to do it but I shot rifles very seldom (sight-in and hunting). When I turned 21 and started buying handguns I shot a bit more and really started researching all the ins and outs. It was an on again off again affair. Never really took the plunge until about a year ago.

    Now I'm off to a good start loading every cartridge I shoot plus cast my own bullets. I very rarely buy bullets. I usually only buy primers and powder, trade for brass.

    I wish I got into it sooner. Now I can afford to shoot guns I wanted to because I can afford to feed them. Factory 375 H&H Magnum cost about $2/rd. I load them myself for about 17¢/rd. Quite a savings there- 91.5% savings.

    How 'bout you?

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    Oct 2007
    For rifles; it was accuracy, bullet design availability, and consistency of load.

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    Jul 2007
    I started out loading 10mm for cost savings.

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    Sep 2006
    I was a poor college student shooting IDPA
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    I liked the scientific aspect, and I'm a miser. I like being able to load 5 or 10 rounds and see how they work in my gun, instead of buying a box of 50 for an outrageous price. I like being in control of the whole process, and being able to get twice as much (at least) for my money. Self-sufficiency is another plus.


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    Sep 2007
    $$$$$$$ Saved. It got to where it is a whole hobby in itself.

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    South West PA
    Back in about 1980 I got seriously into handgun shooting - lot of competition stuff. Most of the guys in the club reloaded and so I got myself enough basic gear to do it myself.

    There was naturally an investment requirement for the gear but - once on the go and casting too - it very quickly paid off - plus too it was good to have consumables on hand for when I might have had a ''thin'' week and not enough cash for factory ammo.

    Over time I added more stuff and progressed into rifle cals - all the time enjoying the control aspect - it was my load, suited to my requirements and often tuned to my gun ... etc.

    So - getting on for 30 years now and despite the odd hiatus when I did weaken and get factory ammo - it is now back into action much more with costs as they are ....... a great sense of independence.
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    I got involved mostly just to explore another aspect of my interests in shooting and guns. I don't load anything too fancy just basic target loads for .45acp, .44mag and .40s&w. My favorite thing to do is to load light .44 mag loads. This allows me to shoot light recoiling loads with out having to use the shorter .44 special cases.
    There is the cost savings but for me it was mainly a way for me to do something related to shooting when I can't actually go out and shoot.
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    Jan 2005
    Kansas City, Missouri
    Like many others, I have to at least partially say it was to save money. Like nearly everyone else, it didn't end up saving me money, I just get to shoot more :)

    I like to shoot my 29, .44mag is way expensive, and .44spl isn't any better, and the selection sucks. By reloading, the price comes down where it doesn't bother me to blow through a couple boxes just 'plinking' at the range, I have a much wider range of loads and bullets, and there's a bit of a pride aspect to it, as well.

    I also load .357/.38, for the same reasons, though the impact is less in every category.

    I started loading and shooting .204 ruger, and found that rifle cartridges are even more fun :)

    I don't load .45, .223, or .308. I _hate_ to pick up brass. I may start with .308, simply because of the expense.
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    I would say curiosity and cost. Ammo is getting up there these days and I was always curious as to what exactly was involved in making your own. So far I have done maybe 500 rounds of 9mm, and they have all went bang so far. I am learning a good deal as I have been doing this.

    I think Midway USA loves me, I just ordered another batch of bullets from them and from the reading I been doing in this forum, I think casting might be in my future. :) haha!


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    May 2005
    Making ammo.
    They like me too. I think I'm up to about $3K so far this year from them.

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    Jul 2005
    Miami-Dade, FL
    Cost mostly and now I actually find it a relaxing hobby.

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    1. cost
    2. needed a good xmas gift for my guy
    3. some ammo that isnt necessarily hard to find, but noncorrosive decent stuff is way to costly (7.52x54r)

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    May 2006
    Well my Dad is a reloader, so I learned how from him when I was in my early teens. Did mostly shotgun until I got out of high school, then I started really getting into rifle and pistol shooting (on top of still being a pretty serious shotgunner), Fast forward to now and I spend at least a couple hours a week at the bench doing something or other, pickin' up new stuff and learning new techniques. Now it's like reloading is as much as a hobby as the shooting.

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    Dec 2006
    Land of 10k Lakes
    Mostly money and also a hobby for those long winter nights in Minnesota.
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