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Cartridge Discussion: The .30-06

This is a discussion on Cartridge Discussion: The .30-06 within the Reloading forums, part of the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics category; Great read… I have old 30-06 in the safe. But I’ll have to admit, I prefer the 270’s....

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Thread: Cartridge Discussion: The .30-06

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    Great read…

    I have old 30-06 in the safe. But I’ll have to admit, I prefer the 270’s.

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    There are some guys over on using relatively small charges of Unique to make practice loads for rifles IIRC - that's what made me think of it.


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    the 30-06 is a fin cartridge but it was done a great service when MR. wheelen necked it to 35 made it more versital, i for one am one of those who is tired of hearing how great th ought six is yes we know thats why its been around for 100yrs, its the same with the 1911 its perfect for what it was built for, thats why its been sround 100yrs. you like the ought six great keep buying them it will do everything you want and more. you want a better round buy the 308win, does all the same in a short action lighter rifle. you want to be able to hunt anything including the big bears buy a 35wheelen.
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    A great round. I have it in my model 70.
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    It's what everyone else in my family uses, so I went with a different caliber. My dad has used it for ... as long as I've known he had a rifle. After going initially with the .308 myself - I'd have to say that for a BOLT-Action, there's no subsitute for the .30-06 (as far as what it's made for). Now for reaching out to crazy distances or for bigger game, you'd want to go bigger. He's got a lot of load data, and I'll email this thread to him so he can check it out. I do know that when you can put up .22 style range shooting, but also kill a 10 pointer... you've got yourself a pretty sweet rifle.
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    Thanks Mercalf - I got your email and thought I'd weigh in. I shoot a Sig SHR 970 .30-06., 9.3# (ouch) with a Nikon scope, 22" bbl. with a 1:10 twist. With the help of an engineer in Ohio I just tied down two loads. He used QuickLoad and wow - what an exacting science!

    Hornady 165 grain SST with 57.3 grains of IMR 4350 powder, Remington brass and Rem 9 1/2 LR primers (OAL 3.334") groups .25" - .40" at 100 yards and .1.25" at 300 yards (muzzle vel 2900 fps). Hornady Interbond 180 grain with 57.6 grains of RE-19 powder (same remainder components and OAL 3.336") groups .75" at 100 yards and 2.5" at 300 yards (muzzle vel. 2670 fps). Both of these loads were shot off of a stack of sandbags. I can only guess what they could be with a real rest!

    I've tried Nosler in this rifle but it prefers Hornady. The 165 SST is a pretty flat shooter, all things considered. Yes, you can load it up or down, depending on your need and situation. I stopped that when ammo and components started to skyrocket. I'm getting to the age where simple is better. I've made laminated charts to show points of impact in given wind/angle scenarios and am highly confident in both of these loads to drop anything that gets in the way. I moved to Colorado too late to get a license this year, but I have a plains load and an elk load ready for next season.

    You'll enjoy your .30-06. It may be boring (to some) but I've got a shooter and with some patience and the desire to perfect a load, you will have a shooter you can pass down to your family (government intervention notwithstanding!). Just remember, you may never need to take the head off of a squrrel or a rabbit or a turkey to survive, but it's nice to know you could!
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