Full length sizing?

Full length sizing?

This is a discussion on Full length sizing? within the Reloading forums, part of the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics category; When using new/unfired brass is it necessary to full length size it? Once it has been fire formed I plan to only neck size it, ...

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Thread: Full length sizing?

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    Full length sizing?

    When using new/unfired brass is it necessary to full length size it? Once it has been fire formed I plan to only neck size it, and sort it for weight+/- .2gr
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    Quote Originally Posted by flagflyfish View Post
    When using new/unfired brass is it necessary to full length size it? Once it has been fire formed I plan to only neck size it, and sort it for weight+/- .2gr
    I assume you're asking about rifle cartridge reloading? When I used to reload for rifles, I always full length resized, new brass or fired and never weighed the brass. The last long gun I sold, a Ruger 77 270 shot under an inch at 100 yards. The owner says it still does. (Man, I loved that rifle but, due to shoulder problems, no longer shoot long guns.)


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    From a rifle standpoint, I don't usually find it necessary to resize at all with new brass. The worst thing I've had to do is run a few dented cases through the resizing die to get the necks straightened out. Having said that, my results speak for themselves. With my .30-06 and Hornady 165 gr. SST's, I consistently get .40" at 100 yards, 1.2" at 300. The 180 Hornady Interbond groups worse. I only get .70" at 100 yards and 2.3" at 300 yards. I can't speak of pistol reloading as I am not there - yet.
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    My equipment resizes the case neck only. On second reloads, I'll end up needing to trim the cases. Brand new nickel plated cases should be sized before loading the first time. I also check cases for thickness and turn the necks when needed. I load for the 6.5x55, .308, and 22-250.

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    Ammo for serious target shooting should be neck sized only, after fire forming.

    Try this one on for size: Back in the days of my avid groundhog hunting I neck sized .243 rounds then used a 1/4 drill bit to remove the brass that had flowed into the case neck, then neck sized the second time. Oh the joys of being too poor to afford a case neck turner.

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    Yes. FL size first, then neck size until it won't chamber then FL size again.

    All hunting ammo is FL sized as function beats accuracy.
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