Another thumbs up for Dillon

Another thumbs up for Dillon

This is a discussion on Another thumbs up for Dillon within the Reloading forums, part of the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics category; I got so mad this week. I recently moved, and had torn down my reloading equipment and placed it in temporary storage while we moved. ...

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Thread: Another thumbs up for Dillon

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    Another thumbs up for Dillon

    I got so mad this week. I recently moved, and had torn down my reloading equipment and placed it in temporary storage while we moved. I pulled it out over the weekend and found that mice had gotten in and left tons of mice presents all over the place. They had urinated and defecated all over in on of my boxes. My large primer bar, allen wrenches and other misc pieces all got corroded and just plain disgusting! There is no possible way of cleaning them up.

    I called Dillion today and replacements are on the way - free of charge. Now THAT is service!
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    yes, Dillon is good. I purchased a used Dillon over the net from a private party and did not get the setup book. I called Dillon, and they sat on the phone with me to help me set it up. Now thats service!
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    damn...dillon sounds...awesome :)

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    That was one of the main reasons I purchased my 550B, the other was they have great equipment.
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    I bought a 550b a few months ago after reloading on a lee progressive and If i had to do it again i wish i woulda bought the dillon first as i wouldn't of looked any further,i have very few primer feed problems with the dillon and it's very easy to change over to a different calibre
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    I remember one time I accidentally left an empty case on the aluminum feed area next to the shellplate, the one that holds the primer and dispenses it into the spent primer collection box. When I pulled the lever to cycle the machine, it broke that aluminum assembly completely off, ruined. I called Dillon and told them what happened, and they told me to hold for a moment. To my surprise, Mike Dillon himself got on the line, and said he couldn't believe the thing broke, but not to worry, he was overnighting me another one. My machine is a 550B I bought in 1986, and have loaded well over 100,000 rounds through it and it is still going strong.......

    If more American companies had Mike Dillons' attitude towards business, we would rule the world without firing a shot......
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    I called Dillon one time to inquire about some stuff for a .444.
    The guy on the phone couldn't answer my question, so he said, " let me get the guy with all the answers" and got another guy on the phone.

    I didn't think anything of it and he quickly introduced him self and we began talking. He wanted to know what I was shooting and what I intended to load. So being off from work that day and having nothing better to do, we discussed various loads and the guns that shot them and we basically had a great time shooting the breeze in a conversation that lasted about 30 minutes. When I was ready to hang up, I thanked him and told him that I enjoyed the conversation and I wanted to know his name so that I could put in a good world to the boss for him. He laughed and said no need to do that, as he was the boss. He had introduced himself as "Mike" and after I asked him again, he said "Mike Dillon" the owner.

    Very pleasant guy to talk to and he really seemed to enjoy his job. I thought that it said a lot for the CEO and owner of the operation to be that involved and knowledgeable in the day to day operations of the company. He is defiantly a hands on guy.
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    If you think they are great on the phone you need to stop in their Scottsdale show room some time for a real treat!!
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    I've spoken at length with Gary Kieft on the forums and on the phone. That guy needs a raise.
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    Dillon is one of the few companies that have not forgot the secert that made the U.S. the capital of industry in the 40's, 50's and 60's.......

    If you make a great product and treat your customers as a valued resource than you don't have to worry about the bottom line.

    Most companies now only worry about their bottom line, which has led to them having to worry about their bottom line
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    Boy im glad my wife got me a Dillon 550B! And it is good to hear that they have Gr8 services!! I wonder if I can buy stock in Dillon??? hmmmm

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