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45 colt

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    45 colt

    What bullet and powder weight do you recommend for 45 colt using titegroup for target ammo

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    I kinda like the ol' .45 Colt but am unable to help you with Titegroup. I've only ever used Unique in my .45 Colt handloads. I'm hoping someone will respond to your question.

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    I myself like Black Powder for my 45 Colt.

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    I use a Keith Semi Wadcutter 255 grainer at 820FPS.

    Its very accurate and punchs a clean hole in the target and is mild shooting.
    I use it with AA#5 though.
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    Are we allowed to actually give a load that we use on this forum? If so, I'll tell you what I've been using for about 8 years for CAS. I will say that Titegroup can be loaded significantly lower than the stated starting loads from Hodgdon. It is a very "snappy" powder. Hodgdon's starting load for Colt handguns still pushes a 200 grain bullet at 933 fps. Not exactly what I would call a light target load. I've never chronographed my CAS load, but I'd guess it around 600-650 fps. Let me know if I can give actual load information here.

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    The lee Modern Reloading has several titegroup loads for different bullet weights
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    Quote Originally Posted by remingtondude58 View Post
    What bullet and powder weight do you recommend for 45 colt using titegroup for target ammo
    I haven't used Titegroup for the .45 Colt but do use it in my .357 mag. It gives very accurate reloads. I would get a reloading guide from the powder manufacturer, sometimes available on the manufacturers internet website. Don't use some one else's data or pet loads. What works in their gun might blow yours up. IE; reloading for the 45 Colt in a Ruger Blackhawk can have pressures approaching that of the 44 Magnum, way too high for many modern single actions.

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    I have the best luck using Unique in my .45 loads.....lower pressure too.

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    I load both 200 and 250 gr LRN bullets with Titegroup in 45LC. New here and not sure about rules of posting powder loads, so I won't. A CAS shooter I know loads lighter than starting levels for competition. I've tried it but find them boring, so I load at the low end of published data.

    I've also loaded 45LC with Unique and Clays. Titegroup is my favorite, with Unique being second. Usually load Unique for upper end of standard-pressure loads.

    I have also loaded some Ruger/TC loads using a 250gr XTP bullet over H110. Even at the low end of published data, they are obnoxious.

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