interesting problem with .223

interesting problem with .223

This is a discussion on interesting problem with .223 within the Reloading forums, part of the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics category; recently i've had an issue with a batch of .223 i'd reloaded. everything was normal. 55 grain bullet with 26 grains of hodgdon varget and ...

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Thread: interesting problem with .223

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    interesting problem with .223

    recently i've had an issue with a batch of .223 i'd reloaded. everything was normal. 55 grain bullet with 26 grains of hodgdon varget and a brand new case. primers seated correctly, OAL was normal. but when i chambered the first round of five for my normal checks it failed to chamber correctly and the enitre round was stuck in my AR (mil spec chamber). after getting the round unstuck i attempted to chamber the next round, same problem. immediatly i pulled out my calipers and it seems the caseing did not crimp correctly. i checked against the batch i did prior and everything was correct but somehow this one batch failed to crimp.

    can anyone help me figure out how this happened??
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    Did you trim the cases???? My offhand guess is they(the cases) are too long. You do use small base dies, dont you?

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    If the case it too long it will happen'I think if case is too long and you over crimp it tends to bilge the case right at the tip a little causing the problem,I trim cases to 1.750,then i run my crimp die down on the case til it stops then i turn 1/4 turn more after i load a case i wil grab the bullet tip with some pliers and see if i can pull it or push it in the case if it doesn't move good but if it isn't crimped tight enough i go another 1/4 turn.I measured a 1000 rounds of once fired brass i got to reload for a guy and i mic'd a few cases,they were running between 1.745 and 1.770 in length.
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    Be sure you are running them all the way into the resizing die, and a case trim is required too.

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