Reloading startup

Reloading startup

This is a discussion on Reloading startup within the Reloading forums, part of the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics category; What's the baseline cost to get started in reloading? Let's say, I want to reload .45 ACP, what are the start up costs associated with ...

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Thread: Reloading startup

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    Reloading startup

    What's the baseline cost to get started in reloading? Let's say, I want to reload .45 ACP, what are the start up costs associated with hardware, literature, etc.

    Thanks all.
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    It all depends on the loader and components. Many people start with a single stage press. I would suggest reading up on reloading first. Here is a good start.
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    I spent about $200 for the basic setup about 15 years ago. Since then most of my basic setup was sold off and replaced with a far better setup. The second time around, "this year", it cost a bit over $500. Everything was purchased was for ease of use and high production per hour. I figure my time is worth more than just a single stage press.

    But I'm impatient that way.

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    I have always used a single stage press and can easily knock out several hundred rounds in a short period of time. I am retired and making 6 or 8 boxes of quality ammo in an evening is a great form of relaxation. Any more than that...GET A PROGRESSIVE...

    Midway sells all you need. As well as most gun shows. Loook for sales at chain sporting goods stores or on internet..

    Once you have a place to set up (bench -or other work surface) you will need...(the following are from midway--look around and compare prices)

    Rock Chucker Supreme Single Stage Press Master Kit $254
    set of dies $30

    shell holder $4

    case tumbler/cleaner and media about $60

    powder $25

    primers $25

    185 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point Box of 500 $ 100

    Sounds to me like you have brass so I didn't factor that in...

    From there on it's just powder,primers and bullets and after 100 boxes of ammo you will see that it is really worth the investment.

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    I started out with a progressive I could load one at a time until i got the hang of it then progressed to pumping them out.but like beans said that's basic equipment then powder and primers.I buy quantity at,8# powder will cost about $12.00# local retail +tax it cost me almost double,wolf primers 5000 were $90.00 ,local I paid 32.00 for 1000 winchester primers,for plinking loads there isn't that much difference in primers,for people that shoot for accuracy they find a different primer can cause a load to shoot different so they experiment
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