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This is a discussion on Dillon vs Lee within the Reloading forums, part of the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics category; i have the dillon 650 press have been using it for rifle and now for pistol . so far never had a prob unless it ...

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Thread: Dillon vs Lee

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    i have the dillon 650 press have been using it for rifle and now for pistol . so far never had a prob unless it was operator error .i also still use single stage presses .

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    If you shoot under 300 rounds a month, save your money and buy Lee. Over that number you may want to invest in Dillon. The heart of any reloading set up is the dies and both brands are good.
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    I love my dillon it is worth the money. and the bs warranity.

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    I have the classic turret press, a excellent starter press and allows you to be involved with every bullet. It has some quirks, but if you replace the little plastic rachet every year it works much better. You can keep it and use it for reloading other loads later when you buy a bigger press if you feel the need. I just ordered the Loadmaster in 9mm, will keep the classic for the other calibres.

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    The Lee Classic Turret is one press Lee definitely done right. I like mine a lot.

    You can load about 200 rounds an hour with it once you get rolling.

    It can be changed from auto index to single stage in less than 10 seconds.

    Change from one caliber to another and start loading again in less than 30 seconds.

    Great for working up test loads.

    If I were starting out all over again that is the one I would get along with the pro autodisk measure and Lee Autoprime.

    I have the Saftey prime for the press but it seems to always spit out one or two primers out of 100 on the floor so I prefer to prime while watching tv with the hand primer unit.

    This would be a great press for someone learning to reload but if he is a compititon shooter in one of the games and shoots more than 200 or 300 rounds a week then he may be better off getting a progressive.

    Read more about it here:

    Real Guns


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