Is using Milsurp brass recommended?

Is using Milsurp brass recommended?

This is a discussion on Is using Milsurp brass recommended? within the Reloading forums, part of the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics category; This link shown bellow is selling primed milsurp brass for 5.56NATO, .45ACP etc and I wanted to know if it's recommended? I can't find primers ...

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Thread: Is using Milsurp brass recommended?

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    Is using Milsurp brass recommended?

    This link shown bellow is selling primed milsurp brass for 5.56NATO, .45ACP etc and I wanted to know if it's recommended? I can't find primers online but everything else is not a problem. A few sites had primed brass but those were not milsurp and they were more expensive... is milsurp brass and primed brass a good alternative? Thanks

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    Generally Milsurp bass still has the spent primers in them.

    There is no reason to not use it, Ive been doing it for 25+ years.

    There is one thing you need to be aware of though, they have crimped in primers. Not an issue when you punch them out, but the crimp needs to be removed by one of several methods.

    Also, most books recommend starting with no more than a 90% powder charge, because is some brands the brass is thicker walled, meaning that it might see higher pressure with a full load.

    It can be tedious to remove the crimp, but in some cases it was well worth the effort when it was cheap to buy, in the pre-Obama era.
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    I reload and shoot milsurp brass for my AR15 all the time
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    Milsurp brass rocks! As Hotguns mentioned sometimes the casings are a bit thicker than commercial brass but that can be a very good thing! You of course have to work your loads carefully, as you always do, but performance wise you can get more bang for the buck. You can get the same velocities with less powder sometimes. You can also push the envelope of velocities and pressures with less powder. Or you can load fairly conservative loads and the brass will last quite a while.
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