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Used Brass Prices?

This is a discussion on Used Brass Prices? within the Reloading forums, part of the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics category; Heres a good one, I was in our local "rip off" gun shop last week as they are the only one in the area to ...

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Thread: Used Brass Prices?

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    Heres a good one, I was in our local "rip off" gun shop last week as they are the only one in the area to carry Lee products. They were selling once used .223 brass for $19 per 100!! Not deprimed and just barely what I'd call clean. I work once a week as Rangemaster at our local outdoor range and can carry home for free more brass that I'd ever need. I just cannot believe how gullible some people are and how dishonest some shop owners can be!! Sign of the times I suppose.

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    Imagine some 50 shooters at a local IDPA match, 5 stages at a min. of 18 rounds per stage and only 6 to 8 reloaders in the bunch. Two matches a month.

    We are group of happy reloaders.
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    Used 5.56mm brass cartridges

    Is there any market for 5.56mm brass cartridges? If not, is the only alternative melting them and casting them into brass ingots?

    -- Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scavanger View Post
    Is there any market for 5.56mm brass cartridges? If not, is the only alternative melting them and casting them into brass ingots?

    -- Thanks
    Yes there is a market for 5.56 brass, 1000 cases are probably going for $1000 as long as its good and its the same head stamp. I don't know exactly what it is since I get all my 5.56 from range pick up. If not in the 5.56 market take it over to 300blktalk and probably sell it there to folks wanting to convert it to 300 Blackout.

    I don't think there is a big market for melted brass ingots. unless you take it to a recycler.
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    I sell lots of 100 and 1000 of the common calibers for $6 per hundred. I only sort and wash them. At that price I can sell everything I can get. DR

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    I keep all my brass and don't reload at all. If anyone is interested, let me know.
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    I usually pick up as much range brass as I can, but the range owners get mad sometimes :-) for instance I may only bring a 9mm but I'm picking up 40 and 45 by ahem...sweeping them my way if the range is clear. Hey, brass ain't cheap! (But I am)

    Cheapest place I've found thus far is kensbrass

    However I ordered 300 pcs of 380 and I got 260 .380, 10 9mm, and the rest was 9mm Mak or .32 acp. I complained and they sent another 30 pieces, but still only 20 were 380. So maybe not such a great deal. But they are shiny!

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    This may sound really dumb, but has anyone ever tried to sell used brass to a recycler, I believe the price for brass is higher than it used to be. Look at all the lowlifes ripping brass piping and wiring our of empty houses and selling it
    Has anyone ever tried that, and if so, what would be the price per pound
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    757 has good prices, as does

    Best thing though, is get involved (if available) with a local gun club. I reload 9mm and 223 Rem/5.56 NATO, and all I ever actually bought was a couple hundred pieces of 5.56 at a gun show to get me started when I first started reloading rifle. Actually, in some cases, considering brass prices currently out there, it's more economical to buy the cheapest brass-cased ammo you can find, shoot it, pick up your brass, then reload that. Especially if you belong to a gun club. I figured that out pretty quick with 5.56 NATO.

    I've been reloading for a little over a year. Over that year I've accumulated about 15,000 pieces of 9mm brass - and never bought any, ever.

    With 5.56 NATO, like I said - bought a couple hundred to start (was impatient and didn't think it through), then after that I bought cheap 90ct boxes of American Eagle 5.56 NATO. Shot it. And aside from that been picking up from the range. Now have about 3,000 pieces of .223 Rem, and 2,000 pieces of 5.56 NATO. Only been reloading rifle 3 months or so.

    Picked up about 1,500 of 45 ACP from the range, and various amounts of other calibers, and been trading it for calibers I do reload.

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    The "ranges" around here are the local trash dumps. There isn't a real range within 40 miles. I pick up all my own brass that I can find in the weeds and mud.

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    My local range sells "once fired" brass 9mm for $3.00/100 and .45ACP for $5.00/100

    They all call them "once fired" but it's all really just range pick up brass. Who really knows how many times they have been reloaded?
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