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non brass cartridges??

This is a discussion on non brass cartridges?? within the Reloading forums, part of the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics category; okay, heres the deal! Chromed or Nickle plated brass is no big deal. I reload (on average) 400 rounds per week, of that many rounds ...

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Thread: non brass cartridges??

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    okay, heres the deal! Chromed or Nickle plated brass is no big deal. I reload (on average) 400 rounds per week, of that many rounds there is probably 20 Chromed or Nickle plated, and I run my cases through a EGW (Evolution Gun Works) Full length sizing die. I need a full length die because the race gun has a Match grade barrel that must have cases less than .425" at the base, the EGW die makes every case .420 to .424" from top to bottom ( My Glock will take anything up to .437", but the Para is kind of particular)

    Most of my casings have been reloaded at LEAST 10 times, many of them probably many more than that.

    I use a Dillion RL550, the machine puts out very consistent rounds. I visually inspect every round, but I use a SPC (Statistical Process Control) for Quality control. (Thats a real fancy way of saying~~~if I load 50 rounds, I randomly pick 10 cartridges and check them for consistency.)

    If they all check out, I continue to load, If there is a variance, I go look for the problem.

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    thanks guys
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigo5552000 View Post
    Just wondering if you can reload non-brass cartridges? I didn't know if you could re-load these or not? I found steel(i think) cartridges in .380, 9x18, 9mm Luger, .38spl, .40, .45, .44mag. can you reload these? Also i pick up a bunch of .380's that look like copper(probably not but the same color)... Can you re-load these? Also what about the green coated wolf ammo? I have not started re-loading yet I'm just stock piling brass until I have the money for the equipment.
    Thanks for the info!
    I would not... I heard that steel does not obturate as much as brass and many steel loaded cases have "none reloadable" on the box... also I think many wolf type brands use berdan primers and not box primers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cvhoss View Post
    I would never attempt to load anything other than a brass case (or nickel plated brass case). Messing with the steel cases isn't worth the hassle and aluminum, IMO, is just flat dangerous.


    Well said.

    Brass cases are a no-brainer... if one feels the need to do steel or aluminum to "save money", then perhaps he should find another, less expensive, hobby.

    If he does it just to do it... well, the road to the Darwin Awards ceremony is paved with those who heard, and did not heed...


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    Blazer aluminum-cased ammo is very specific on the box - it says "NON-RELOADABLE". Heed that message, period. Several years ago, I RO'd in a match where a guy shooting a .40 caliber Para was shooting a bunch of reloaded blazer ammo when the round split just above the case rim, which blew out the bottom plate of the magazine and split the barrel and bulged the slide and cracked the frame at the ramp. His shooting hand also had some pretty bad cuts from escaping gases as well.

    That was a brand new gun that ended up in the junk pile. So please, don't try to save a few bucks by reloading steel or aluminum cases, just take them to a recycling station if you must, otherwise toss them in the trash. Reloading machines are designed to reload brass, stick with brass.....

    As far as nickel cases go, I reloaded them many times for my .38 super, .38 special and .45 ACP and shot them till the cases cracked. some of the specials I must have reloaded 20 or 30 times. I never saw any more problems with them than any other cases I reloaded.
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    The copper colored ones may be copper washed steel. A lot of European and Chinese military ammo uses a thin copper plating over a steel case to help prevent rust and corrosion. I have shot tons of 7.62x39 that was like that. I would check them with a magnet before going to the trouble of tumbling them. If they are steel, pitch em, they're not worth the effort.

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    I had a box and a half of steel case .45 ACP and realoaded them half a hundred times without difficulty.
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