Lee Load-Master questions & advice

Lee Load-Master questions & advice

This is a discussion on Lee Load-Master questions & advice within the Reloading forums, part of the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics category; Hello to all, First Iím very mechanically inclined. I have decided to bite the bullet (pun intended) and purchase a Lee Load-Master in .45 ACP ...

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Thread: Lee Load-Master questions & advice

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    Lee Load-Master questions & advice

    Hello to all,
    First Iím very mechanically inclined.

    I have decided to bite the bullet (pun intended) and purchase a Lee Load-Master in .45 ACP and .38/357.

    The primary reason to press is for target shooting only. I donít want to press for self-defense ammo at this time.

    I wanted to ask if any of you good folks would like to give me some advice and suggestion relating to brass & bullet combo, powder & primer.

    In addition a recipe for powder (target shooting)

    I have already ordered the Load books USA 45 ACP Reloading Manual and Lee Modern Reloading 2nd Edition Reloading Manual.

    I welcome all suggestions and advice.

    Thanks in advance to all that reply.

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    Brass. Once fired from a decent source is fine. New is OK also, just a more expensive way to go. Remington-Winchester-Starline etc
    REMEMBER--If you use used brass, you will probably have to clean it, so a tumbler and media will be needed, makes a better looking final product and gets out any junk in and on the brass.

    Bullets. Look for someting that matches what you would normally carry for SD, as far as weight goes. Get a bullet that will cycle well in your auto. Anything will work in the wheel guns. For magnum loads (with around 1000 FPS) use jacketed or plated bullets to avoid leading. Lot of good brands out there. Look for sales on BULK bullets-500-1000 or more, this will save you money and they don't go bad.

    Powder. To keep it simple Bullseye has been around for a million years and you can find loads for it in almost any caliber and configuration.

    Primers. Large pistol primers for the .45ACP
    Small pistol primers for both the .38 and .357. Yeah I know it's a .357 MAGNUM..... Regular SPP will do the job in most cases.

    Primers I use: CCI-Remington-Winchester.... I avoid Federal because of some hype but if that's what you can get so be it.

    AS TO LOADS....Go by the book always until you have done a good bit of relaoding. The loads they publish will get you what you want and will be within the limits your handguns can handle safely.


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    I would suggest that especially in the .38 Special and .45 ACP you go with lead bullets instead of jacketed. There is really no advantage to shooting jacketed in target/range ammo, but the bullets cost on average about twice as much. If you pick the right bullet and velocity combination you can load lead bullets much faster than 1000fps without much leading.

    For bullets I suggest Missouri Bullet Company

    Great product and customer service, plus very fast shipping, often the same day.

    Primers, pretty much get what you can, when I have the choice I like Federal SP, Winchester SP Magnum, and Winchester LP or Wolf LP. For rifle I like Wolf .223 Primers for .223/5.56mm, and Winchester or Federal Lage Rifle.

    Powder, I like HS-6 and Trail Boss for .38 Special, HS-6 and AA#5 for .357 Magnum, and Titegroup and Trail Boss for .45ACP. There are plenty of other good powders of course.

    I don't have any personal experience with the Loadmaster, I hear it is great once it gets going. Getting it going can be an issue from what I understand.

    I use a Lee Classic Turret for .38 Special and .357 Magnum and a Dillon Square Deal B for .45ACP.

    "The Engine could still smile...it seemed to scare them" -Felix

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    Thank you for the replies.

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    There are several hand books on reloading, with all the data you will need. They have the case size, the amount of powder and all of them list several types of powder and the amount of each powder in relation to the weight of the bullet you are going to use and how "heavy" of a load you want. It's all in the book, it is your bible for reloading.

    I have the Lee pro 1000 for .40 S&W and have dies to use on it for .44 mag. Once you tweak the press you can crank out a couple of hundred rounds in an hour or less.
    But take your time starting out, find a video or find someone that has been doing it for awhile and ask for help.

    I have been doing it now for about 8 years, my Buddie showed me how and now he is actually teaching classes on it, got his NRA cert. for reload instructor this year. He has been reloading 20 years.

    We have a nice reloading forum over at Northeastshooters.com New England's Premier Shooting Forum Drop in and look up Dukeinmaine if you have any questions.

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