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Thread: Reloading?

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    I'm thinking of getting into reloading and have some questions about it. First off is it difficult to reload and do it safely? Don't modern reloading presses have a digital scale that tells you exactly how much power your putting into a case?,This way one can't overcharge a round which could be dangerous obviously. Also the calibers I want to start out with in reloading is .38special and .357 magnum and maybe 9mm down the road.

    As I understand it I have to buy the dyes for the caliber I want to reload for,but what exactly are they? As you can tell I know nothing about reloading so any help would be great thanks.
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    First off purchase a reloading manual or two and study them throughly and watch the following videos:
    YouTube - Reloading Ammunition(case preparation) part 1/4
    YouTube - Reloading Rifle Ammunition part 2/4
    YouTube - Reloading Rifle Ammunition part 3/4
    YouTube - Reloading Rifle Ammunition part 4/4
    While they do show reloading rifle ammo the same techniques will apply to all metallic cartridges. As far as dies, buy dies for 38spl and you can use them for both 38 and 357 just by readjusting them 9mm will take seperate dies. Reloading is fun and allows you to shoot a lot more for the same amount of money. Just use a little common sense and pay attention to details and it is quite safe
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    Basics of reloading...101

    You need
    BIBLE (reloading manual)

    A press ( there are many types but to start I would suggest a single stage)
    The press is just a ram type tool that holds the dies in place while the brass is moved into and out of them.

    The dies are all specific to the exact caliber you are reloading.
    There are a few basic dies.
    1. Resizing die---Squeezes the empty brass back to original specs and pops out the spent primer.
    2. Belling die---Opens the mouth of the brass so that a bullet can be pushed into it.
    3. Seating die--- This die pushes the bullet into the belled brass to the proper depth. Seating dies can also crimp the brass around the bullet to hold it in place.
    4. Some reloaders use a seperate (4th) die to crimp the brass down around the bullet this is refered to as a Factory Crimp die.

    Powder measure or Powder thrower---There are many types, but most operate with an ajustable chamber that drops an amount of powder (by volume) with each activation of the handle.

    Powder scale---This is used to adjust your powder measure when working up a load as well as to check your measure every so often to verify that it is throwing the correct charge.

    Some presses are progressive...They do all the operations mentioned above with one stroke of the handle. These systems have a powder measure that drops the proper charge before the bullet is seated.

    Calipers---To verify everything you do to make sure it is within the published specs.

    It is a great hobby and makes shooting a hobby that is a lot easier to afford.

    Not difficult---but not to be done by eye if you know what I mean.
    Stick to what your reloading manual (BIBLE) tells you and view the websites many on this forum will direct you to.

    Good luck and be safe.


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    Your scale will be separate. Reloading is just as safe as carrying your pistol. Powder metering devices need calibrating, but visual inspection and double checking should be habit. Why I put my cartridges in a loading block to visually inspect. My methods are a little more old fashioned than a press, and I do one stage at a time.....inspect and prep all my cases, prime all my cases, charge all, seat bullet in all. I handload for rifle. I also recommend some good reading on introductions to reloading, and then obtaining individual load books for your particular caliber. Find the powder you'll be using most often, then tools like calipers and gauges and prep tools. You can get a lot of free info from bullet manufacturers....Hornady is a good one.

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    Don't modern reloading presses have a digital scale that tells you exactly how much power your putting into a case?
    No. You need to do some serious research and that can't be done on a BB forum. Members here can be a wealth of information when it comes to types and brands of equipment that have either worked or not worked for them, but a beginner such as yourself needs an information source much more comprehensive than a forum.

    I would suggest you get a copy of Lee "Modern Reloading 2nd Edition" Reloading Manual. Not the greatest source for reloading data, but has a good amount of learning material.

    Another book you may find of value is the "ABC's of Reloading. I didn't find this book particularly useful but I had been reloading for several years when I first came into contact with it.

    If at all possible, find someone who reloads who is willing to let you come and observe and learn. This is how I got my introduction to reloading and there's no substitute for learning first hand from an experienced reloader.

    You may find some information of value on RCBS's web site. This is pretty short and basic, but will give you some ideas and not cost anything.

    Best of luck.

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    The Dillon 650 press has a powder check station that sounds an alarm if the powder level in the case is higher or lower than what it's adjusted for,my friend has one and still managed to load a couple squib rounds with no powder in them.I have loaded 1000's of rounds on my Dillon 550 with no squib rounds,Lee makes a powder drop that you can adjust to deliver a predetermined grain of powder with each activation of the lever,but you should still check every 20 rounds or so to make sure it's consistent,I was a reloading newbie about 5 years ago and after about a week on a single stage bought a progreassive and was reloading ammo about as fast as I could pull the lever
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    To explain reloading on a forum like this, to a novice, would leave out critical details you can't see. I would take the advise of other posters and get a manual and/or watch the specified videos.
    As for scales, you can get digital scales or the old balance type. As you will find out, it's not necessary to weigh every charge if you have the right equipment.
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    I would suggest reading several books / videos before starting to reload. Reloading can be done safely with proper attention to your work.
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    save yourself a lot of trouble, go to Dillon's website and buy a 550b; you can reload any caliber within reason, and the warranty is bulletproof.....
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    thanks for all the info so far guys I'm going to check out the links provided above and also get some books as well. I do know one guy that reloads I'll see if he'll let me sit in one day and observe.
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