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9mm lead bullets?

This is a discussion on 9mm lead bullets? within the Reloading forums, part of the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics category; can i use magnum small pistol primer in a 38spl? Can you find reloading data for it?...

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Thread: 9mm lead bullets?

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    can i use magnum small pistol primer in a 38spl?
    Can you find reloading data for it?
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    SP Magnum primers in a .38? Why?
    I wouldn't do it unless a load specifically called for it.

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    Try Frontier CMJ (copper coated, lead projectiles), safe for Poly barrels as well ive loaded hundreds of these and shot them without issue in all my Glocks.

    Load them to the same specs as FMJ.

    Cheap as well $89US per 1000.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rjfusedneck View Post
    can i use magnum small pistol primer in a 38spl?
    Not recommended. There are no powders suitable for .38 Special that require Magnum primers.
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    Not recommended BUT you can use them if you develop a proper load using the magnum primers in your load.
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    You betcha! 9mm eats up lead bullets. Best way to enjoy volume shooting is with lead.

    While not necessary for .38 Special the magnum small pistol primers will certainly work for target type loads. If it is a matter of pressing into service the primers that are available to you then use them for mild to moderate loads. If you have a favored full power performance load recipe then you want to incrementally work up to it using the magnum primers.

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