Question for you experienced reloaders

Question for you experienced reloaders

This is a discussion on Question for you experienced reloaders within the Reloading forums, part of the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics category; Just purchased a used Dillon RL-550B on Ebay, along with other items needed to reload .45 ACP. I purchased Ranier Ballistics lead safe bullets in ...

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Thread: Question for you experienced reloaders

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    Question for you experienced reloaders

    Just purchased a used Dillon RL-550B on Ebay, along with other items needed to reload .45 ACP. I purchased Ranier Ballistics lead safe bullets in 230 gr. ball and 200 gr. JHP from Dillon. Got those today in 500 pc. boxes, as I examined them the have very slight dents from being packaged in bulk. My experience in shooting an Enfield M1853, 3 band musket for accuracy, caused me to fabricate 2 bullet sizing dies, 1 for hunting and 1 for timed stake shoots. The sizing die for hunting was sized 0.0005 larger than nominal and yielded 3 inch groups at 100 yd. using a soft lead round nose Minie ball and blackpowder. The die for stake shoots was 0.0015 undersized to allow for fouling.

    My question for you experienced reloaders who load for accuracy is this; should I size these bullets to improve their accuracy? Will it make a difference in IDPA shoots?
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    My opinion. For the short distance, fast action shooting, sizing probably will not matter all that much. Why not test it though? size 12 or 20 and shoot em . then compare to from the box bullets.
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    Agree with Rocky - do a comparitive test.

    For combat close range shooting tho to be honest I doubt you'll see any big difference. Certainly doubt it matters one bit for IDPA shooting!

    Those bullets won't be over hard and any small discrepancies will be ''swaged'' away when you shoot.
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    There are alot of variables that deal with cast lead that the sizing die smooths away.

    In any case, a a lot of sized bullets will be more accurate than another lot of the same bullets unsized.

    Take my word for it and dont waste time like I did years ago trying to reinvent the wheel. If NOT sizing bullets made no difference, no one would go through the time and effort to size them.

    As for the IDPA shoots, it certainly couldnt hurt. Un sized bullets will often vary in the outer diameters as much as 2-3 thousanths. Think about why you reload. You do it because its cheaper, it allows you to shoot more and you do it for consisitency.

    Not sizing your bullets throws the consisitency right out the window.

    Trust me....been there,done that. Now I know better...and I always size....

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    I'm going with the general consensus on this one. Try a handful sized and unsized with all other variables being equal. One may work better in one gun, but not in another. Just can't tell until you give it a try. That's one of the reasons I got into's cheaper to experiment. Plus I'm a control freak, even on my ammo.
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    It does not matter. Load them up and have fun. Good shooting.


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    I have never heard of anyone sizing plated bullets. Please let us know what you find after testing.

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    I think that perhaps, repeat, perhaps if you fired 100 each sized and unsized from a ransom rest at 50 yards then did a mean radius statistical analysis of the groups, there might, repeat might be a difference. The difference could favor either one. Sized may or may not turn out to be be better.

    In short, you are tilting at a windmill.

    Load and shoot them as-is.


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    Plated bullets....hmmm...I guess I missed that.

    If they are plated just load and shoot.

    I hope you have better luck with Ranier Bullets than I have. Ive tried several batchs of various calibers and they seem to be all over the place...

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