Wideners has PMC SP primers, not cheap!

Wideners has PMC SP primers, not cheap!

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Thread: Wideners has PMC SP primers, not cheap!

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    Wideners has PMC SP primers, not cheap!

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    That is spendy, yesterday UPS delivered 5k each of Wolf SP and LP primers, $122 per case of 5k plus the usual hazmat charge. Had them backordered about 5/6 weeks. Wolf seems to be the fastest in terms of getting supply to their retailers so there the ones to backorder if you want them fairly fast and they are great primers, never had an issue with them. Got mine from Powder Valley.

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    Actually, that price looks pretty good for around here -- if you can find them. At the local shop they are $50 for 1000!

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    I got 8k Wolfe primers of various size about a month ago. Have been real happy with them. I couldn't find any reviews when I ordered them but I was getting low.
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    All I been using are wolf primers,my last batch was 95.00 5000,I bought 10,000 SP,LP and SR total 30,000 plus enough powder to reload that many rounds,primers have since gone up and last time I checked wolf was 29.90 1000 thats a 50% increase
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    Part of this silly primer shortage has actually positive for me. I have done a lot of load development with all sorts of different brands and types of primers. I've worked up loads that normally use standard primers with magnums, used rifle primers in handgun loads, and generally learned a lot.

    I like Wolf primers, but since they have gotten to be as expensive, or even more expensive than US brands, I don't see a reason to buy them if anything else is available. I still have 20,000+ of them in various sizes, but I won't be buying more unless the prices go back down.

    I just bought 5k CCI Small Pistol Magnum primers from Powder Valley (they were actually in stock last Friday-sold out now), for $22.50/k. Their Wolf primers are 25.50/K. Ordered on Friday, delivered on Wednesday.

    One of my local shops has just about everything in stock from CCI and Federal except small pistol (which they are out of), for $33/k. I bought 1k of Federal Small Rifle to see how it works in my handgun loads. Provided it does OK, it gives me yet another primer option.

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