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    I just got an email from Cabelas stated my small pistol primers had been shipped. Primers were ordered over six months ago and I had forgotten about them. Already have primers running out my ears. Oh well, they will get used.
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    Nice problem to have. Wow, a six-month backorder is terrible.
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    Received mine from Cabelas about three weeks ago. About the same wait time give or take.

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    It'll be six months tomorrow for me, with another southern company. Last I heard, they were working on March back-orders.

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    Got my notice on 3k of CCI...That was supposed to have been canceled! 6 month wait as well. I had forgotten about them.

    I ordered 3k of CCI and 3k of Federal. In August I got lucky and got 5k Wolf from Nachez(sometimes it pays to troll the net at 0300 - they were sold out by 0600).

    2 days after I ordered the Wolf Primers, I got an email from Cabellas stating that I needed to respond to the email, or my order would be canceled. I never responded since I finally got some.

    I was more than PO'd that they billed and shipped. I contacted them and they claim that they got the "Proceed with order" request. I have checked and re-checked and I did not respond. I wonder where the burden of proof lies.

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    Well, I couldn't be happier. I ordered 10,000 small rifle primers from Cabela's on October 28th figuring it would be some time next year before I got them. Just received shipment notification.

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