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This is a discussion on Reloading set up within the Reloading forums, part of the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics category; I added a bullet puller to the list and placed the order. I cant wait to set up my bench! I'm going to try to ...

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Thread: Reloading set up

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    I added a bullet puller to the list and placed the order. I cant wait to set up my bench!

    I'm going to try to find powder and primers locally, anybody know a good place in San Diego?
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    Get one of the spray bottle case lubes. So much quicker and easier.

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    i would start out with a single stage press. carbide dies for stright wall pistol are a must, they don't cost much more over standard dies. you will need the other stuff, i.e. rifle dies, scales, lube and lube pad for rifle cases, a solid workbench, safety glasses, manual, bullet puller, plastic case blocks, and some other odds and ends. some companys make a starter kit with most things need to start reloading. you can build on the kit. i would also look for some old reloading manuals, they got some good information that you can not find in todays manuals.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Laser Sailor View Post
    I'm looking to start reloading for both rifle and pistol. I'm going for a single stage turret reloader as i think this will be easiest to use. So here is my shopping cart so far.

    1. Lee 4 hole turret press with auto index kit

    "This Deluxe Kit includes: Turret Press with Auto Index, Auto Disk Powder Measure, Safety Scale, Primer Pocket Cleaner, Cutter and Lock Stud and Chamfer Tool."

    I adding to this the lee auto disk riser, universal and rifle powder charge die, micro adjustable charge bar, and large and small safety primer holder

    2. Electronic Caliper/Micrometer

    3. Dies for 30-06 and 9mm

    4. Electronic Powdder Scale

    I'm just worried about tools right now, I'll get to powder, primers, cases and bullets later. It's all sitting in my Midway USA shopping cart at a grand total of 288.99 minus shipping.

    What do you think, is that a pretty good set up for the price?
    Why do you need the electronic scale when the kit comes with a balance beam scale (or am I reading that wrong)?

    I don't find I use the caliper all that much. Generally, the bullets have a crimp cannelure, whichs defines the OAL of the bullet. You don't need one to measure brass (you have the trimmer). The only time you need one (in my experience) is when you use over-sized bullets (e.g., 310g for my .44mag) or plated bullets like Berry's that don't have a cannelure (I just measure against a factory TC round; there is a lot of variability in 9mm length between JHP, TC and RN ball ammo...just about anything works in that range).

    I have a bullet puller and have only used it a couple of times in three years.

    The biggest thing you are missing is a vibratory cleaner for your brass. I have gone down the homemade remedy/solutions path any number of times. Just save yourself some time and effort and get the Frankford Arsenal setup for ~$60 and be done with it.

    I agree with the Lee AutoPrime.

    Make sure you get the carbide dies for 9mm, including the Lee Factory Crimp Die. Don't bother trimming 9mm brass. Not worth the effort and it doesn't stretch like the longer and necked cases. The FCD die allows you to taper crimp cases that slightly differ in length.

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