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This is a discussion on Looking for answers within the Reloading forums, part of the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics category; Here's the latest update. I ordered a Lee factory crimp die to try instead of my RCBS crimp die. In the meantime, I measured a ...

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    Here's the latest update.
    I ordered a Lee factory crimp die to try instead of my RCBS crimp die.

    In the meantime, I measured a previous dummy SWC round and it was 1.23. Col should be 1.22. I made several dummies (for the dummy) exactly 1.22. They had the barest smidgen of shoulder showing. I made one with the shoulder exactly flush with the edge of the casing (I think it measured 1.19 but I forget.).

    Results (so far):
    The 1.22 rounds now sit flush when dropped into the barrel--zero protrusion of the case head beyond the end of the barrel. I hand-cycled the dummies thru my G30 with both the Glock and the Storm Lake barrels--1.22s on top, no shoulder Rd on bottom. The 1.22s fed fine (no failures to go completely into battery)--until the round with no shoulder (flush)came up. FTE!

    Seems the round coming out snags on the lip of the case neck of the flush round. The slide jammed tight until I ejected the mag (with the no-shoulder round still in it), then the slide cleared. No matter where I loaded the no-shoulder round, it caused a jam with the shell above it.

    So, lessons learned (with a lot of helpful input): COL can be critical!
    1. COL .01 too long cause failure to go into battery. (One of my problems)
    2. COL .01 too short caused feeding problems. (another problem.)

    I don't think there's a problem with the RCSB seating (taper)die, but I'll wait on the Lee factory crimp die before I load rounds for the range.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OldVet View Post
    I don't know. They're definitely not too long. My el cheapo digital micrometer doesn't read thousandths, but where max length is 1.225, mine read 1.21, so they're somewhere between 1.210-1.219. But I'll double check and get a better micrometer.

    I don't know they can be crimped any tighter, the bullet is tightly crimped already.

    This might sound stupid, but since you are used to reloading jacketed bullets this might be an issue. Is your taper crimp so tight that it is causing the lead to bulge right above the case mouth? I had that problem with a 9mm load when I went to lead. Since you are talking about the bullet being so tightly crimped that is where I would start, backing off that crimp.

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