200 gn SWC 45 ACP in a 1911

200 gn SWC 45 ACP in a 1911

This is a discussion on 200 gn SWC 45 ACP in a 1911 within the Reloading forums, part of the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics category; About a week ago a I bought a box of lead cast bullets for my 1911, but try as I might I cant get them ...

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Thread: 200 gn SWC 45 ACP in a 1911

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    200 gn SWC 45 ACP in a 1911

    About a week ago a I bought a box of lead cast bullets for my 1911, but try as I might I cant get them to feed reliably through my 1911s. I suspect its just the feed angle doesnt work. Anyone have any experience with this?
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    200 gn SWC 45 ACP in a 1911

    I had this problem about 20 years ago when I tried shooting IPSC for awhile. I bought a box stock Spingfield 1911 for about $350.
    I did my own reloading then and I still do. I would have FTF maybe 1 out of 10 rounds.
    Part of the problem was the angle of the feed ramp and part of the problem was Chip McCormick magazines.
    I sold that 1911 and bought one from Les Baer when he first left Springfield and went out on his own. It is a single stack on a Caspian frame with the slide and other parts made by Baer. With Wilson magazines that gun will keep going until I am to tired to shoot it anymore.
    I used to load a 200 gr SWC over 6.0 gr of W231 and it would run about 915 FPS. Winchester data said to use 4.8gr to 5.5gr maximum.
    915 FPS would give me a power factor of 183. I think USPSA has lowered that number.
    I bought a new Kimber UC II this winter and I am curious to see how that works. Right now the snow is almost waist deep at the range so I have to wait.
    That has been my experience, feed ramp and magazines.
    Also if you are loading your own if the overall length of the finished product is to long or to short that can also cause problems. My memory isn't what it used to be so I don't want to try to remember the OAL length I loaded my ammo.


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    I tried the same bullets in my Glock 30 with a Storm Lake barrel. The first test batch didn't work worth a hoot. Big problem with FTE, FTF, wouldn't go into battery, you name it. A big disappointment to say the least.

    I've loaded another batch with a COL of 1.22 (Bullet shoulder barely extends beyond casing) that chambers nicely, H-38 powder (same as W-231), 4.8 & 5.3 grns. I also got a Lee factory-size die ($13) after several recommendations.

    These rounds hand-cycle nicely. Hope to get out to a range this week and see what happens.
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    The mil-spec 1911 barrel's feed ramp is made for 230-grain ball ammo. Most any non-GI 1911 has a "throated" feed ramp and barrel, to expand the entryway to handle other types of bullets. Might check on that...

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    The 200gr lead semi-wadcutter was the mainstay for bullseye since I was started shooting (45+ years ago). The std 1911 barrel throat does not (never has) feed not round nose bullets. The ramp needs polishing and the chamber mouth needs work. Most semi-customs today all come with this work done to them. Any competent gunsmith/ pistolsmith can help you.
    The 200 gr semi-wadcutter have always been the most accurate bullet for target accuracy on all my 1911's and for most other accuracy shooters.
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