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How much Brass is too much

This is a discussion on How much Brass is too much within the Reloading forums, part of the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics category; Originally Posted by dnowell Where do you guys get so much brass? Just buy it online? Friends? I shoot in the IDPA and IPSC matches ...

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Thread: How much Brass is too much

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    Quote Originally Posted by dnowell View Post
    Where do you guys get so much brass? Just buy it online? Friends?
    I shoot in the IDPA and IPSC matches @ my range and while i'm shooting My dad goes around with his brass wizzard thing and picks up brass. when i'm done i pick up brass and then we hit all the stages after everyone's done. Think we ticked off one of the commercial brass sellers out there we kept beating him to the punch and I haven't seen him out there picking up brass in about 3 matches

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    Too much would be when WalMart hears of your brass stash and wants to contract with you to supply their stores, nation-wide.
    (Ammo falls into the same category.)
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    I volunteer at a range as an instructor once or twice a month. The other instructors and I divy up any brass that shooters who dont reload are going to throw away. You really can't have too much, since the price is always only going to go up in the future. I think of it as a hedge against inflation.

    It used to be only rifle brass, but last year they put in a pistol range, so now we can scrounge that too. Also, the cops sometimes come out and use the range for training and leave all their brass on the ground. Usually good Hornady brass.
    I got several hundred pieces of once fired Hornady .223/5.56 brass off the ground last year thanks to them.

    Funny, I just remembered, one day last year my daughter was out riding her 4 wheeler over at the neighbors place. She comes flying up in the yard and runs in the house hollering, "Dad, come quick!"

    Long story short, the neighbor's son and his freinds had been out shooting in the pasture a few days earlier and she came across the brass on the ground out there while riding.

    She then let the neighbor know that she and her dad would be right over to clean that mess up for him if he would like us to. lol. She loves it. It's like Easter egg hunting to her.

    That resulted in a few hundred 9mm and .40 cal cases. They were shooting ak and sks too, but it was all steel stuff.

    Brass is where you find it.
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    Too much? Maybe 5 tons...

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    Did he really ask that question?

    If you (still) have places to put it, you don't have enough.
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    I can see that there are people on this forum that will probably be buried in caskets made out of surplus brass,who says you can't take it with you
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    Quote Originally Posted by dukalmighty View Post
    I can see that there are people on this forum that will probably be buried in caskets made out of surplus brass,who says you can't take it with you
    An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life. - Robert A. Heinlein

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    Quote Originally Posted by coffeecup View Post
    The wife says I have FAR more than I could ever use. Same with primers and powder.

    Right now I am loading with primers I bought in the 1960's. Havent touched any bought since then.

    Gonna be one HELL of a yard sale when I die !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Please PM me your name so I can watch the papers for your Obituary.
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