Kudos for RCBS

Kudos for RCBS

This is a discussion on Kudos for RCBS within the Reloading forums, part of the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics category; I had a plastic piece break on a RCBS PowerPull_BulletPuller the night before last. The plastic Cap on my bullet puller broke after some pretty ...

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Thread: Kudos for RCBS

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    Kudos for RCBS

    I had a plastic piece break on a RCBS PowerPull_BulletPuller the night before last. The plastic Cap on my bullet puller broke after some pretty heavy blows (stripping part of the rims off of cartridges) on some to hot 9mms that I had loaded up. I was disgusted and was pounding the crap out of the hammer and the cap grenaded, I had hit the puller so hard that the snap made me think at first the cartridge had went off (not so , as I found the bullet and primed case). This morning I called RCBS and asked if it was possible to get a new cap as I hated to spend another $20 for a new puller, the customer service representative asked for my address and said he would be sending one out. Never asked me about abusing the puller or any such thing. I sure enjoy the service that I get from RCBS.:

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    Good companies are good companies. The word of mouth goodwill is worth more than the parts cost them.
    RCBS has an outstanding rep and is willing to go the extra step to maintain it.
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    I have told RCBS that I broke stuff by misusing it and they still sent me replacements for free. Great company. Great customer service. Been doing business with them for 34 years.
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    yes, they will work with you on broken items.
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