-- Roanoke, Va


Gun column lacks supporting facts

Re: "More guns, less safety," Feb. 21 column:

Luanne Traud rambles on and on about a subject that obviously she knows nothing about. She has no facts of proof, no statistics or information from the National Safety Council or from local law enforcement to back up anything she says.

She is certainly entitled to her opinion by the First Amendment. By the same logic, the Second Amendment states that gun owners have the right to buy, own and bear firearms. In every instance when the right to carry firearms has prevailed, crime has gone down.

Traud needs to spend some time doing her homework before writing an article that she knows nothing about. If she wants to do an article regarding safety, she should title it, "More booze, less safety." More damage has been caused by alcohol resulting in destruction of property, ruining families and causing multiple injuries and deaths.

Unfortunately, people who drink just ignore the problems that alcohol causes.

Please, leave our guns alone.