UN Gun Debate

UN Gun Debate

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Thread: UN Gun Debate

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    UN Gun Debate

    So I finally watched the entire DVD of the NRA Gun Debate with that strange almost alien looking Rebecca Peters. As this was done in 2004 I cannot find the overall results of the debate. Does anyone know how Lapierre did against her? It was clear to me that better points were made by Lapierre.

    How is it that we see stats that say when they took their guns away crime went up. But when they talk they say it has gone way down. Does anyone know where to find some true stats on this stuff (unbiased). Since I have watched it already is there anyone out there that wishes to see it? I will send it to you.

    It is really scary to think that these groups actually think that the way they see things should be the way of the entire world does too. Why would the USA ever give up what we had faught so hard for. All of our soldiers that died for the freedoms we enjoy would have been in vein. It sickens me to no end to listen to that crap.

    And to think we have liberals (and lots of them) in America who agree with them. She said at one point something to the effect that a woman who was to be raped could use the courts and police to help her. I am sorry but to think they would rather see a woman raped than to allow her a gun for self defense is just plain crazy.

    Sorry to rant for so long.
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    IIRC LaPierre CLEANED HER CLOCK! But remember how the media spin machine works. Just because the truth and logic of freedom emerged, doesn't mean knee jerk emotionalism and a clearly anti American AGENDA won't be made to seem the victor. Because it will.

    There is going to be a UN conference on control of small arms (globally) held on JULY 4th. That takes some gall, huh? Hold an international meeting on US soil to discuss ripping apart the Constitution of the HOST COUNTRY on it's most sacred historical holiday that celebrates said document??? Gutsy. STUPID...but gutsy.
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    Rebecca Peters is a very evil woman with a single agenda, to disarm every citizen of planet earth and pave the way for governmental genocide and more UN corruption. She can present a good arguement that the anti's will swallow hook, line and sinker. The problem is, she has the ear of Khaffi Annan and the rest of the UN. It was the UN's disarmament policy that lead to the blackhawk down situation in Somolia. It is the UN's policies again failing in Darfur, Sudan, East Sahara and other places that are allowing children to be sold as sex slaves due to "religious" conflict. It is the UN's peacekeepers that are currently involved in a sex for food scandal that involves children as young as 10. It is the UN that asks the USA to clean up their messes and then demands that we pay up annually with membership dues. The UN is moving for global disarmament and WE the PEOPLE can do something about it. We can elect the right officials and can ask that our Govt remove itself from the UN. We can also ask that when they relocate to Siberia or Antarctica that they take Rebecca with them.
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    Just got a 4 page letter from the NRA, asking its members to renew their membership to supply the needed resources. Even sent 4 postcards to send to Kofi Anna, Kariyawasam, Mr Bolton and de La Sabliere. The battle begins, and on 4th of July at that....
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    I mailed those cards too. I also paid $45 for an autographed copy of LaPierre"s book on the UN Gun Ban.

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